Heels Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

Created by Michael Waldron, the Starz drama series ‘Heels’ is a story about family, love, and pro-wrestling. Set in the fictional town of Duffy, Georgia, the plot mainly revolves around brothers Jack (Stephen Amell) and Ace (Alexander Ludwig) Spade, as they try to keep the pro-wrestling business running that their father originally established. In season 2 episode 2, titled ‘The Journey is the Obstacle,’ Jack and the rest of the roster prepare for the first show since the success at the fair with the hopes of keeping the momentum going. When Crystal learns Jack’s plans for her, she decides to confront him. Meanwhile, having fled from home, Ace tries to immerse himself in the wild, with disastrous results. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Heels’ season 2 episode 2. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Heels Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Jack wakes up because of a call from Staci, who reminds him that he has a meeting today at his day job, prompting Jack to get up immediately. While he runs a pro-wrestling promotion, the money isn’t enough for him to support his family. As a result, Jack works as a lawn mower salesperson. In the aftermath of Staci’s departure from their home with their son, Jack hasn’t been entirely himself. Despite the disagreement, Staci doesn’t actively blame Jack for their current situation and understands that he has too much on his plate.

Later in the day, the estranged couple meets up at their son’s school to speak to the Principal, who has suspended their son for breaking another student’s nose. Jack doesn’t see what his son has done as wrong, and he has no problem telling that to the Principal and the psychologist the board has sent. From his perspective, the other boy was the instigator and the bully because he cursed at his son. But ultimately, Jack sees the wisdom in shutting up and letting the process take its course.

A part of Jack is relieved that his son will return to school, but another part of him seems frustrated that he had to compromise on his beliefs. This inevitably leads to an argument between him and Staci at the school parking lot, but Jack tells her that he will do everything he can to get his family back.

Jack initially doesn’t know that Ace has left Duffy and starts to prepare for the first show after the fair with him in mind. As the roster gathers around the ring, he congratulates and thanks each and every one of them, especially Crystal, whose actions effectively saved the promotion. But then, he declares the plan of making Crystal’s victory illegal in the upcoming show. Crystal doesn’t take the news well and confronts Jack, who reminds her that she told him she would do anything for the promotion. After Jack is done with her, Willie confronts Crystal, making her understand why what she just did was wrong.

Heels Season 2 Episode 2 Ending: Does Crystal Keep the Belt?

The success of the fair has done little to relieve the financial woes that the Duffy Wrestling League as a promotion faces. Bill slept with the woman who organized the fair and gets the money she gave him to Jack and Willie. As Jack tries to come up with the script of what they will do on the show, Bill approaches him and offers his help. Jack is a talented writer, but his vision of pro wrestling is limited by the lack of his experience. He has never seen how things are done at bigger stages, but that’s not the case with Bill, who has accumulated all his experiences over the years in a notebook, and he hands it over to Jack.

The promo for the show goes exceptionally well. The blame is placed on the referee, and that protects Crystal. She loses the belt, and it is announced that there will be a three-way match between Jack, Bill, and Ace to determine who will be the next champion.

After realizing that his brother has left Duffy, Jack leaves him a number of messages, but none of them are answered. On the night of the show, Jack leaves one more message for his brother, telling him that one door of the dome will remain open if he wants to return.

The show garners an unprecedented response, and the pro-wrestlers get the chance to perform in front of a houseful spectators’ stand. The final event is the three-way match. As Ace doesn’t show up, Jack issues an open challenge, and Crystal answers, receiving a massive pop. She shows the crowd that she is now part of the roster before joining the match. Bill goes out quite early, making it a one-on-one match between Crystal and Jack. Jack recognizes the humongous response Crystal is getting and gives her straight victory. Bill returns to the ring at that moment and tries to push Crystal off the ladder. But by then, she has already reached the belt. Crystal wins the DWL Championship, this time legally.

When Will Ace Return?

It seems Ace is on more of a spiritual journey and not seeking another promotion to join, so it will be a while before he is ready to return. Things become further complicated in this episode after he sustains serious injuries. He wanders around aimlessly and at one point, tries to steal the money a man left as a payment at a diner. However, he sees the man realizes what he has done and still pays the waitress. Feeling ashamed, Ace tries to return the money. When the man doesn’t take it, Ace leaves it for the waitress. Acquiring semi-proper gear, Ace goes camping in the bear country. He watches the DWL show on his mobile before going to urinate. He has an accident and falls off a cliff. Fortunately, he doesn’t fall far and is stuck on a ledge with injuries on his leg. If help doesn’t come sooner, he will be in grave trouble.

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