Is Hell House LLC’s Abaddon Hotel Fake or Real?

Directed by Stephen Cognetti, ‘Hell House LLC‘ is a horror movie released in 2015 that has earned many fans thanks to its captivating format and storyline. Set up like a documentary, the film is set in an abandoned hotel called the Abaddon Hotel, which is located in an eponymous New York town. The hotel in question is perhaps one of the most iconic elements of the movie and has been crucial even for the film’s subsequent sequels. Given how realistic the stories seem to be, many of the viewers cannot help but wonder if the Abaddon Hotel is simply a fictional creation or an actual hotel.

Abaddon Hotel Does Not Actually Exist

For fans of the horror genre, there is nothing as exciting as finding real-life elements sprinkled in an entertainment project. Given just how much emphasis the ‘Hell House LLC’ franchise has put on Abaddon Hotel and its backstory, the world wonders if the hotel actually exists in real life. However, the haunted building is actually a fictional creation, albeit one that continues to captivate viewers across the world.

In ‘Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel,’ a 2018 sequel of the movie, the origins and the truth of the Abaddon Hotel are explored in more detail. It is established that the established seemingly lures people in so as to engineer their deaths and trap their souls within, which in turn adds to its haunting nature. The found-footage horror movies certainly make the whole story seem more realistic, especially when the research behind the reality of the Abaddon Hotel only hooks the audience more and more.

However, the realism of the movies in the franchise is simply not enough to refute the fact that the hotel in question does not actually exist. Thanks to the brilliant writing by Stephen Cognetti, one finds oneself fascinated by the idea of the main location of the vents that continue to scare and entertain us even today. The complicated yet haunting origins of the hotel’s malicious past and supernatural nature have certainly left many of the viewers excited, though it does not erase the fact that the place actually does not exist.

The actual location used in the move to showcase the Abaddon Hotel is the Waldorf Estate of Fear, a haunted attraction in Lehighton, Pennsylvania. The place is run by Angie Moyer, who served as a set designer for the 2015 movie. Fans of the movie can actually visit the place on their own and walk the hallways that their favorite characters are seen treading during the on-screen events. The building certainly has an aura that allows a visitor to indulge in supernatural imaginations.

The legend behind the Waldorf Estate, at least the one shared with those interested in visiting the haunted house, is also quite an intriguing one. As the story goes, a man named Oliver Sommersby seems to be the evil mastermind behind the legendary history of the Waldoprf estate. One version of the origin story, allegedly originating in Palmerton, Pennsylvania, states that Sommersby “stole” the lives of everyone in the establishment one night in 1929 before disappearing.

Another version of the Waldorf Hotel legend, which can be allegedly heard in Forest Inn, Pennsylvania, states that Sommersby established the place in 1955 and killed about 25 people over the next decade. However, after he killed a small girl named Ella, her father, the town’s new butcher, allegedly tried to attack Sommersby. Though Sommersby ended up stabbing him through the heart, Tom returned the favor, leading to both of their deaths.

The gruesome lore behind the Waldorf Estate of Fear has helped it become a beloved tourist attraction in the region. It has only gained more footfall following Stephen Cognetti’s movies, which popularized the place where his haunting stories were brought to life. Though the Abaddon Hotel does not exist, the world can still enjoy a haunted hotel experience thanks to the location’s own connection with supernatural tourism.

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