Hijack Episode 4 Recap: Not Responding

The fourth episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Hijack,’ titled ‘Not Responding,’ follows the aftermath of Stuart’s attempts to bring back order inside Flight KA29. Sam Nelson continues his efforts to earn the trust of the hijackers, especially by trying to help the wounded Lewis. Stuart believes that everything is progressing according to plan, only for NATO jets to intervene in the predicament. DCI Zahra Gahfoor teams up with DI Daniel O’Farrel to avoid a severe conflict between the United Kingdom and Romania. The enthralling episode ends with several unanswered questions. If you are interested in the same, let us share our take on them! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Hijack Episode 4 Recap

‘Not Responding’ begins with Stuart trying to maintain order inside the flight after chaos erupts following the disappearance of a child. While trying to scare the passengers and crew members with a gunshot, he unintentionally kills a girl. Sam Nelson gets tied up for trying to attack one of the hijackers. Stuart’s fellow hijackers, especially Lewis, start to get conflicted about the events that are happening inside the flight. He reminds Lewis that they shouldn’t forget that they are doing “it” for Edgar of Edgar and John. Lewis is severely wounded and he goes to a hostess to get treated. When she fails to stop the bleeding, a tied-up Sam sets out to help him to earn his trust.

Sam tells Lewis that he has a son of the latter’s age, which makes him help the hijacker. Although Lewis is suspicious of Sam’s intentions at first, he gradually starts to become more open to him and even reveals that the name of one of the hijackers is Terry. Daniel joins Zahra to dig deep into the real identities of the suspects. Meanwhile, Sam’s ex-wife Marsha receives a call from two men who talk to her about delivering a parcel registered in the name of the negotiator. They cut the call after confirming that the address they have is indeed Sam’s.

When the flight crosses the airspace of Romania, authorities from Bucharest contacts the same. Stuart decides not to respond, only for NATO jets to target the unauthorized flight with missiles. Daniel and Zahra find enough information about the suspects for the foreign secretary to convince Romanian authorities that the hijackers are targeting Britain and not Romania, which prevents a missile attack on the flight. A dying Lewis tries to call his mother with the help of Sam, only for the negotiator to use the hijacker’s phone to confirm to Marsha that the situation inside the flight is real. Lewis is saved by a doctor on board.

Hijack Episode 4 Ending: What Are the Hijackers’ Demands?

After British officials avoid a missile attack on Flight KA29 by convincing Romania that the hijackers are targeting the United Kingdom rather than the Romanian capital, the home secretary encounters an anonymous man who passes him an envelope. He takes out an unrevealed document from the cover, on which it is written, “DEMANDS,” indicating that the document is a list of demands the hijackers need to get fulfilled to avoid a catastrophe. Although the document is unrevealed, Stuart’s conversations with his fellow hijackers do provide some insight into what those demands can be.

First of all, when Lewis gets skeptical about the hijacking, Stuart tries to make him commit to their mission by naming Edgar and John, which indicates that these two individuals are personally known to the hijackers. Since they hijack the flight for Edgar and John, the demands can be concerning them as well. Edgar and John can be high-profile criminals who were prosecuted in Britain. The hijackers may want their release from prison in return for ensuring the safety of passengers and crew members of Flight KA29. While digging deep into the suspects, Daniel finds out that they are criminals with official records in Britain.

Edgar and John can be the hijackers’ partners-in-crime and their freedom can be the principal demand of the people who ordered the hijack, which even can be the anonymous duo. Considering Stuart’s conversation with Lewis about Edgar and John, it is also possible that they are dead and the hijackers captured the control of the flight to seek vengeance. Edgar, John, Stuart, and others can be a part of a terrorist organization and the first two must have been executed by the authorities for the others to team up to seek revenge. If that’s the case, the demands may include anything that ranges from money to fund the causes of the organization to the release of terrorists from prison.

What Happens to Kai?

After informing Daniel about Sam’s voicemail, Marsha goes to her house and searches for Kai, only to not find him anywhere. Kai’s unexplained disappearance can be connected to the two men who call Marsha to confirm Sam’s address. From their conversation, it is evident that their only concern is finding out where Sam lives. Considering Sam’s involvement with the hijackers, it is possible that the two men are ones arranged by Stuart to abduct Kai. From Sam, Stuart knows that the negotiator has a family and he is well attached to the same.

When Sam gets more and more involved in their affairs, even starting to direct them, Stuart must have felt that he needs leverage to not let the former take the hijackers for granted. If that’s the case, Kai must be in the custody of the allies of the hijackers. Stuart and other hijackers may start to threaten Sam not to pull a trick on them if he wants to see his son alive again. Sam most likely will get pressured to save not only the flight but also the life of his son.

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