Hijack Finale Recap: Does Flight KA29 Crash or Land Safely?

The seventh and final episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Hijack,’ titled ‘Brace Brace Brace,’ revolves around the attempts of Flight KA29’s passengers to regain the plane’s control from Stuart and his team of hijackers. Louise Aitchison and Neil Walsh, the British home and foreign secretaries respectively, try to make a decision concerning the action plan to deal with the incoming hijacked airplane. Sam Nelson tries to save the lives of himself and his fellow passengers by being empathetic towards the woman who hijacks the plane from the hijackers. The enthralling episode 7 is nothing short of a rollercoaster and let us share our take on the same’s ending! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Hijack Finale Recap

‘Brace Brace Brace’ begins with Sam trying to find out who really is the woman who takes control of the plane upon killing the pilot. Stuart tells him that she is not one of them, leaving Sam puzzled. A group of passengers sets out to kill Stuart and the rest of the hijackers but Sam stops them. He lets the group know that they have a bigger problem since someone else has hijacked the plane from the hijackers. Upon tying up Stuart and his team, Sam learns that the woman’s name is Amanda and tries to talk to her. Amanda doesn’t listen to Sam and she continues to wait for further instructions from Edgar.

Louise and Neil discuss what the government should do to deal with the incoming hijacked aircraft. Neil and his team explain that the worst for the plane may benefit the hijackers, which makes them expect the aircraft to crash into the city of London. As the home secretary, Neil believes that the plane should be shot down to avoid a crash, which may kill more than twice the number of people on board Flight KA29. Louise, however, isn’t ready to approve a death warrant. Neil promises to her that he will be responsible for every consequence of his decision but he fails to communicate the same to the Prime Minister when the latter calls him.

Louise then informs the Prime Minister that they shouldn’t turn against their own citizens by shooting down their plane. Two police officers arrive at Sam’s house upon receiving an emergency call from Kai. The “cleaners” succeed in dismissing them without raising suspicion. DI Daniel O’Farrel learns about the suspicious call Marsha received concerning Sam’s address and calls Kai to find out whether he is in danger. Kai skilfully communicates that he is in danger, only for Daniel to save him and arrest the two murderers who have been waiting at Sam’s apartment.

Hijack Ending: Does Flight KA29 Crash or Land?

Flight KA29 does land. When Amanda hijacks Flight KA29, Sam tries to communicate with her, only for her to disconnect the landline. That’s when Sam gets her mobile phone. He looks at the wallpaper and sees an image of Amanda and her daughter Elodie. From the trader who has dealt with the hijackers, Sam learns that the criminals have been forcing civilians to do dirty work for them by threatening to kill their family members. The corporate negotiator comes to know that the trader’s family is in their custody, which makes him conclude that Amanda hijacked the plane because her family is in their custody as well.

Rather than choosing the side of the violent passengers, who want to kill Amanda to regain the plane’s control, Sam empathizes with her. He tells her that he would have done the same if a group of criminals threatened to kill his son. Instead of crucifying her, Sam supports Amanda and gains her trust, which makes the woman let him enter the cockpit. By that time, he communicates with Alice Sinclair, the air traffic controller who is in charge of the plane. From Amanda, Sam learns that the people behind the hijacking asked her to land the plane after receiving a confirmation from them or crash the same if she doesn’t receive any instruction.

Sam, an experienced negotiator, tries his best to convince Amanda that the vicious people behind the hijack will kill her partner and daughter Elodie regardless of what she does. He adds that they will not leave a witness behind alive, which makes Amanda immensely vulnerable. As a negotiator, Sam knows that he should satisfy both parties to resolve a predicament. To satisfy Amanda, he makes the home secretary promise that the former will not be arrested if she listens to Alice and lands the plane at a nearby airport. Once Neil promises the same, Amanda realizes that listening to Sam and Alice is the best way for her to return to her daughter. She then lands the plane and avoids the crash of the same.

Why Does Flight KA29 Get Hijacked?

When the organized crime group behind the hijacking of Flight KA29 hands their demands over to Neil, the British government, including Louise, believes that the same is orchestrated for the release of Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown, two high-profile criminals. Since they are two of the most dangerous criminals alive in the United Kingdom, Neil and other officials find it incredibly hard to let them walk away but he ultimately approves their release in return for the safety of over two hundred British citizens. That’s when Neil and others learn about a low-profile financial journalist named Felix Staton breaking the story of hijacking through his Twitter account.

Felix’s breaking story paves the way for the crash of Kingdom Airlines’ value in the stock market. The company’s shares plummet faster than their airplane goes down to threaten the city of London. The release of Edgar and John from prison is only one of the two outcomes of the hijacking. Considering the potency of their gang, Edgar and John could have demanded their freedom by kidnapping a high-profile politician but they choose to hijack a plane because it is one way to earn an unbelievable amount of money. Before hijacking the plane, Edgar and John made a bear trade and bet against Kingdom Airlines’ stock market value using a trader who eventually boarded the plane.

By placing the bet, Edgar and John earn an immense amount of money as the airline company’s stocks crash down unceasingly. They planned to inform Amanda to land the plane after they had received enough money. But before Edgar can do the same, John kills him, seemingly to lay his hands on the money they have gained all by himself.

What Happens to Sam Nelson? Why Does Stuart Try to Kill Him?

After Flight KA29’s landing, the passengers of the plane leave the same, assisted by soldiers. Sam waits until his fellow passengers leave the plane but he gets trapped inside the same by Stuart, who sets out to kill him. Stuart tries to kill Sam because he isn’t ready to accept his defeat. He doesn’t want to get captured by soldiers, gaining nothing from the hijacking. The leader of the hijackers has already lost his brother Lewis and likely his mother Elaine, which puts him in a very vulnerable position. When Amanda hijacks the plane from his group, he realizes that Edgar and John betrayed him.

Stuart tries to express his frustration and helplessness by trying to kill Sam. Throughout the journey, Sam tries to convince Stuart that he will find a way to resolve the predicament by taking the latter’s side. When Sam tries to leave the plane to be a free man, Stuart, who is expected to get captured by the soldiers, must have thought that the former betrayed him as well. Thus, he tries to kill the corporate negotiate to stop the latter from gaining the freedom he wouldn’t gain. Sam escapes from Stuart with the help of the soldiers, who capture the leader of the hijackers by getting into the plane. Sam is expected to return to Marsha and Kai upon alighting from the plane.

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