Holiball Shark Tank Update: Where Is Holiball Today?

Entrepreneurs Kristy Moore, Jennifer Couch, and Amberly Hall presented their innovative decoration, Holiball, on season 12 episode 7 of ‘Shark Tank.’ A colorful and massive holiday ornament that offers easy storage and reusability made us quite curious about its journey. Let’s examine the product in detail and chart its growth since Holiball was introduced to the world in the business-themed show, shall we?

Holiball: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Interestingly, the founders of Holiball, Texas-based cousins Kristy Moore, Jennifer Couch, and Amberly Hall, all bring something unique to the table. Amberly was in the education sector and has even worked in the real estate industry, while Jennifer has immense experience in project management and design. On the flipside, Kristy, a stay-at-home mother, brought her attention to detail and creativity in order to make Holiball a success.

According to reports, the cousins couldn’t spot a suitable-sized decoration on display while shopping at the massive 115 acres long Dallas Market Center. Baffled at the lack of decorative options for huge spaces, the cousins went online but were unable to find a solution to the problem. Thus, they made their way to the drawing board and emerged with the idea of an inflatable hanging decoration that would be easy to store and wonderful to look at.

However, giving shape to their vision was quite challenging as the cousins had to resort to trial and error, going through numerous materials and prototypes before settling on the final product. In the simplest of terms, the Holiball is an inflatable decorative ball that can be blown up like a balloon. As a result, it can also be deflated and folded away for easy storage. Additionally, each product comes with stakes, anchoring patches, and a hanger plug for easy installation, while the cousins also provide a golden topper to complete the festive look.

Holiball: Where Are They Now?

Starting in 2019, Holiball received a tremendous response from customers, and the initial stock vanished within moments. The cousins even realized that they had to improve their variety, and thus, began producing balls of different uncommon colors. Although initial marketing was done through visiting markets and trade fairs around Texas, the product was quick to get the spotlight and had an opportunity to join the Las Vegas Market Best in Show Showroom.

Since then, there has been no looking back for Holiball as it was picked up by Americas Mart, which in turn took the product overseas to Latin America and Australia. Holiball’s ‘Shark Tank’ campaign was a success as Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran went in together to offer them $150,000 for 25% of their company. With two brilliant Sharks on board and the products in several big-box stores, the business grew through leaps and bounds.

Holiball reached around 200 stores throughout the United States alone and also became available in eight other countries. The company now sells an 18-inch and a 30-inch product, costing $40 and $60, respectively. Moreover, normal Holiballs are available in nineteen vibrant colors, and one can also purchase a fast flow inflator for $35 to make inflation easier.

On the other hand, the cousins have also launched a collegiate collection that has customized college logos printed on the decorations and will set you back by $75. Interested customers can visit one of the numerous stores that stock the product or order it to their doorsteps through Amazon. With Holiball now featuring heavily on TV channels and other publications, it seems like the company is destined for even more success in the future.

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