Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 1 Recap: Class Trip

In ‘Horimiya: The Missing Pieces’ episode 1, titled ‘Class Trip’ Miyamura, Hori, and their fellow high school students go on a school trip to Kyoto. Since the boys are told to take bathe in the public bathhouse, Miyamura does not want to, as he will end up revealing his secrets. As Ishikawa knows what’s bothering him, he tries to help but ends up making a terrible excuse. Luckily, the girls have attached bathrooms in their rooms, so when Hori learns what happened, she offers him to take a shower while she waits.

Miyamura and Hori Go On a School Trip

When a school trip to Kyoto is organized for the students of Katagiri, Hori and her classmates are quite excited about it. Unfortunately, Miyamura is not so thrilled about the whole trip. It turns out that the girl students are provided a room that has attached bathrooms, but boys have to go to a public one. Since Miyamura wants to keep his tattoos and piercing a secret, he cannot afford to bathe in front of them. Therefore, he decides to just stay dirty for the entire week.

When Hori learns what he plans to do, she shows genuine concern as she naturally feels that he won’t be able to enjoy his holidays like this. On the first evening of the trip, Miyamura’s class is given the first preference to go to the public bathe, so his friends naturally force him to hurry up as students from other sections are also waiting for their turn outside. But Miyamura is even reluctant to remove his clothes. But when Shu continues to force him, Ishikawa realizes that he must do something.

In a panic, he ends up saying that Miyamura cannot bathe with other students as he has periods, which is obviously a terrible lie. Distraught by what happened, Miyamura decides to return to his room alone, and on his way, he meets Hori. When she learns what happened, she laughs profusely but also offers Miyamura her bathroom so that he can take a bath. The school trip ends in a few days, with Miyamura and Hori making countless memories with their friends.

Do Miyamura and Sengoku Participate in Swim Day?

One day when Miyamura and Sengoku meet Yasuda-sensei, they are informed that although swimming is optional for students, it is made compulsory for everyone on the last day. Naturally, this shocks the duo as they are not comfortable participating in it. While Miyamura does not want other students to learn that he has tattoos all over his body, Sengoku, on the other hand, is just insecure about his body itself. So it’s quite natural that both of them make up lies to get themselves out of trouble.

Miyamura argues that he will be getting his period in a few days, and Sengoku lies that his arm is going to blow off because of the cold. Yasuda-sensei obviously does not buy the ridiculous lies and remains adamant for a while to convince the two friends. But Miyamura and Sengoku are also quite inflexible and make it clear to Yasuda-sensei that they don’t want to participate at any cost. After noticing this, he tells the two friends that he will try to talk to Sasaki-sensei about it.

Eventually, on the swim day, Miyamua and Sengoku are entrusted with the responsibility of wiping the deck while other students are busy swimming. Yasuda-sensei comes to check on them but has to leave when Terajime-sensei comes to remind him that he is actually in charge of the boys’ tutoring session. Ishikawa and Shuu also notice that the two of them look absolutely fine but have not participated in the swim day along with other students. So, Miyamua and Sengoku eventually manage to keep their secrets and do not wear swimsuits for the important day.

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