House of Ho Members: Everything We Know

People are always interested in the lives of the rich and famous, and HBO Max offers a series in the same vein as ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’ ‘House of Ho’ focuses on a close-knit Vietnamese American family, living the grand life in Houston, Texas. The family’s fierce values and traditions keep them close, giving us the chance to learn more about their culture. However, the series is also peppered with moments of drama that threatens to tear the Ho family apart.

We meet an assortment of interesting members like the family patriarch, Binh Ho, and his wife, Hue Ho. Along with that, we are introduced to the adult children, Judy and Washington. There’s a third brother Reagan, who’s not going to appear in the series. ‘House of Ho’ is rounded out by Lesly, Washington’s wife, Aunt Tina, and Cousin Sammy. Before getting enchanted by the Ho’s opulent lifestyle, here’s all you need to know about them.

Binh Ho

Binh Ho is now 71 years old. Originally from Vietnam, Binh’s hard work has paid off to the extent that the family has built an extremely successful bank. Despite living the American Dream, Binh is very controlling of every move his children make. Naturally, Binh remains close to his kids and grandkids.

Hue Ho

Hue is Binh’s wife, and the matriarch is 66 years old. She’s loving, critical, and believes that her children can do no wrong. At the same time, Hue has nuggets of wisdom for her kids. For example, she told Washington that if one doesn’t have peace at home, one can’t have peace in a marriage. Further, if one can’t find peace as a father to one’s kids, it will be impossible to achieve what they truly desire. You can see a loving picture of Washington with his mother.

Washington Ho

This brings us to Washington, the former playboy of the family. The 38-year-old has a history of dating questionable women and partying too hard. He appears to be in real estate and often posts news and motivational quotes on his social media profiles. However, it seems Washington has followed his mother’s advice and is now a focused family man, as we can see in the post below.

Lesley Ho

Deviating slightly from the immediate family tree, we have Lesley, Washington’s wife. The 34-year-old is independent, outspoken, and down to earth. Lesley hails from Oklahoma and shares a passion for the outdoors, along with Washington. The two have a son and daughter, Roosevelt and Lincoln, respectively. Reports suggest that Lesley received her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2013, but does not appear to be practicing any longer. Here’s a picture of the happy family.

Judy Ho

The firstborn Ho is a private person, and the mother of three children, going through a divorce. Not much else is known about her, except that there might be some tension between Judy and Reagan. However, Washington seems to be extremely respectful of his elder sister, who has a reputation for being a reliable family member. Check out the touching post below.

Aunt Tina

The 58-year-old likes to be the center of attention, trying to ensure that everybody notices her. Once the cameras are focused on the family, we can expect some antics from Aunt Tina, resulting in dramatic moments.

Cousin Sammy

Sammy Finch or Cousin Sammy lives in the moment, which does not always work in her favor. Sammy is an influencer in the making with her Instagram feed full of workout posts, model shots, and food pictures. She also has a YouTube channel where she promotes herself. Perhaps reality television will come easily to her. Here’s Sammy’s most recent photo. [Cover Image Courtesy: Washington Ho/Instagram]

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