How Did Thai Cave Rescue’s Beam Die?

With nothing but praise coming from anyone who ever met him or saw his work as a rising entertainer, Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote, better known as Beam, had an undeniably bright future ahead. Unfortunately, though, it all came crashing down earlier this year upon his sudden demise, making Netflix’s six-part limited series ‘Thai Cave Rescue’ his last ever officially completed project. It’s just one of the many reasons he was honored in it with a credit reading, “For Beam 1996-2022” — so now, if you wish to learn more about him as well as his passing, we’ve got you covered.

Who Was Beam?

Reportedly born into quite a supportive family in Bangkok, Thailand, on August 31, 1996, Papangkorn “Beam” Lerkchaleampote made his debut in entertainment as a model and actor in 2015. His first major role was actually the same year as the lead character of Muek in the LGBT romantic comedy ‘Water Boyy,’ following which he gradually only rose the ranks to do better and better. There’s absolutely no doubt he had talent as well as resilience, yet we need to mention his appearance — partly owing to the fact he trained in taekwondo from the ages of 6 to 14 — did also help.

Beam was thus able to land a myriad of Netflix original Thai-based shows such as ‘Nong Mai Rai Borisut,’ ‘Mister Merman,’ ‘Sleepless Society,’ ‘Bang Rachan,’ and ‘Blue Wave,’ amongst many more. However, his most notable undertaking continues to be the role of Kraam in Netflix’s ‘The Stranded‘ (2019), wherein students from an elite school get aground on a mysterious, remote island. Then, of course, he managed to do wonders as Coach Eak in ‘Thai Rescue Cave,’ just to seemingly not be able to wrap filming on his last, upcoming romantic comedy entitled ‘Love Destiny 2.’

Beam Died in His Sleep

It was March 23, 2022, when Beam was rushed to the hospital from his condo in Chatuchak in Bangkok, Thailand, following an emergency call made by his mother asserting he wasn’t breathing. She had stepped into his room to wake him up on that fateful day and moved closer upon not receiving any response, only to shockingly realize there was not a single breath left in his body. Several attempts were made to resuscitate the 25-year-old in the ensuing moments, but to no avail — Beam was hence reportedly pronounced dead at the nearby Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital.

Since there was no evidence of foul play in his room or home and he did peacefully pass away in his sleep, reports indicate the Sudden Unexpected Death (SUD) phenomenon as the cause. Nevertheless, his loved ones did ask for an autopsy just to be sure, leading his talent management agency to release a statement promising to provide new updates, if any. Therefore, because there hasn’t been any word in the six months that have passed as of writing, it appears as if the actor died of completely natural, unexpected causes — he was otherwise healthy and happy, which makes this worse.

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