How I Got Here Renewed For Season 3 at BYUtv

BYUtv’s acclaimed reality show is getting a new installment! The network has renewed ‘How I Got Here’ for its third season. Even though the latest installment is yet to be formally announced, the casting for the season is underway, promising new episodes. The production department is seeking second-generation North Americans with foreign roots to rediscover their homeland. The new season promises to bring us more authentic tales about immigrant families as the newer generation uncovers the multifaceted pasts of their parents and grandparents.

The captivating reality travel show delves into immigrant families’ rich history and cultural heritage. Each episode introduces us to a North American family as they embark on a 10-day emotional journey of self-discovery and connection to their motherland. In seasons 1 and 2, we saw stories varying from a picturesque retreat to the Irish countryside, a woman’s struggle with poverty in rural Zimbabwe, and a father’s riveting escape from civil war and strife in Serbia. The final episodes of the sophomore installment treat us to gorgeous scenes of Kenya, Vietnam, and Northern Ireland. The new season is expected to take us beyond these frontiers, offering profound insight into new cultures and unique stories.

‘How I Got Here’ is produced by Forte Entertainment, a production company focused on creating family-oriented reality television and children’s shows. While the series is their flagship project, the banner is also known for several other productions. Hosted by Jonathan Bennett, Cooking Channel’s ‘Snack Attack’ presents a two-round competition between three chefs at the RC-MoonPie Festival. ‘Small Space, Big Potential’ follows Mina Starsiak and Karen E Laine as they work with homeowners on transforming a small part of their houses using a limited budget. ‘Stitched,’ hosted by Canadian fashion model Kim Cloutier, introduces us to talented upcoming fashion designers who compete in three rounds of themed challenges to create ambitious clothes on Slice.

‘How I Got Here’ is directed by Dylan Reibling, Jim Morrison, Russell Gienapp, and Robin Bicknell. Reibling is best known for directing the documentary ‘Cyberwar,’ which follows Ben Makuch as he meets experts on hacking and surveillance worldwide, taking a deep dive into the ecosystem of cyberwarfare. He also helmed ‘This Is Pop,’ a documentary about the real stories behind popular pop songs and the emerging trends that have impacted the industry, and ‘Paranormal Survivor,’ a show documenting the stories of people who have experienced contact with the supernatural.

Morrison is an award-winning director who gained accolades for ‘You Gotta Eat Here!’ a long-running, lighthearted reality show about beloved food joints in small towns and the secrets behind their dishes. He also contributed to Mena Massoud’s ‘Evolving Vegan,’ ‘Bachelor in Paradise Canada,’ ‘I’m Going to Break Your Heart,’ and ‘Keeping Canada Alive.’ Gienapp served as a cinematographer of ‘Extreme Ice Machines,’ ‘Hello Goodbye,’ and ‘In Their Own Words.’ Bicknell is a multi-award-winning documentary director recognized for ‘The Nature of Things,’ ‘Haunted Hospitals,’ and ‘Paranormal 911.’

The third season’s production schedule has yet to be disclosed. The upcoming episodes will be shot in the participants’ parents’ or grandparents’ home countries, in addition to the United States or Canada.

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