Hypnotic: What is the Division? What Is Domino?

‘Hypnotic’ is an action thriller movie directed by Robert Rodriguez, starring Ben Affleck in the lead role. It follows Danny Rourke, a detective searching for his missing daughter. Rourke’s quest brings him at odds with Dellrayne, a powerful man who is involved in a series of inexplicable and mind-bending events. Rourke learns that Dellrayne is working for the Division, an organization searching for the mysterious object known as Domino. Hence, viewers must be wondering what the Division is and why they are searching for Domino. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Division Is a Secret Agency

In ‘Hypnotic,’ Danny Rourke is a detective who is searching for his missing daughter, Minnie. As the narrative progresses, Rourke meets a mysterious man who can influence people’s actions with his words. Soon, Rourke learns about Hypnotic, people with powerful minds who possess the ability to construct fake realities. Rourke discovers that his daughter’s disappearance is connected with the Hypnotics. Therefore, he tries to learn more about them from Diana Cruz, a fortune teller who knows about the Hypnotics and has previously worked with them. Cruz reveals that the Hypnotics are part of a top-secret government agency, the Division.

The Divison was a privately funded government research program that helped people with powerful minds harbor their Hypnotic powers to change reality itself. However, the Division is revealed to be a nefarious organization as they seek to control the Hypnotics and use their powers for their own benefit. Eventually, viewers learn that the Division has constructed a reality to torture Rourke, who is one of their former members. Rourke escaped with “Domino,” a powerful object the Division is seeking. During the climax, the Division is obliterated and defeated by good for Rourke and his family.

Domino Is Short For Dominique

In the movie, Rourke learns that Lev Dellrayne is a powerful Hypnotic who is searching for an object called a “Domino.” Cruz describes the object as a powerful device created by the Division that can control any Hypnoitc, even of Dellrayne’s caliber. As a result, Dellrayne had stolen the device and hidden it at an unnamed spot before wiping his memory. However, he left triggers to remind him of Domino’s location. As the narrative progresses, Rourke discovers his own Hypnotic powers. He and Cruz seek the help of River, a hacker who accesses the Divsion’s database, revealing Rourke’s wife was a part of the Divsion. The revelation shocks Rourke and forces him to investigate further.

Ultimately, Rourke learns that Cruz is his wife, Vivian. As a result, Rourke searches the database for his daughter Dominique “Minnie” Rourke. She is listed as Vivian’s daughter and is considered the most powerful Hypnotic. Thus, Rourke connects the dots and deduces that Domino is none other than his own daughter, Minnie. She is the child of two Hypnotics and was born within the Divison’s program to train Hypnotics. Hence, she has the potential to become the world’s most powerful Hypnotic, posing a threat to the Division itself. As the Division sought to control Minnie, Rourke fled with her. He hid Minnie with his foster parents before erasing his memory. Thus, the film’s final act is set in motion when Rourk learns that his daughter is the coveted Domino.

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