Hypnotic End Credits Scene, Explained

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, ‘Hypnotic’ is an action thriller film starring Ben Affleck as Danny Rourke, an Austin Police Department detective searching for his missing daughter. In the process, Rourke uncovers a grave conspiracy closely tied to his past. However, to get to his daughter, Rourke must solve the mystery of a series of inexplicable and mind-bending events while the powerful Dellrayne stands in his way. Despite the movie ending on an optimistic note, the end-credits scene foreshadows a darker fate for Rourke. Hence, viewers must be looking for answers about the end-credits scene in ‘Hypnotic.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Hypnotic End Credits Scene: Is Dellrayne Dead or Alive?

‘Hypnotic’ follows Danny Rourke as he searches for his missing daughter, Minnie, who was kidnapped by a mysterious man. Rourke finds an uncanny lead after encountering the mysterious Dellrayne, a man capable of bending people to his will with his words and reshaping the perception of reality. Eventually, Rourke deduces that Dellrayne is the leader of the Division, a top-secret government organization that trained people with powerful minds to be Hypnotics. Rourke hid his daughter from the Division as she is the world’s most powerful Hypnotic, and Dellrayne is searching for her. During the climax, Rourke leads Dellrayne and his forces to Minnie, who has gained complete control over her powers. Rourke had kept Minnie with his foster parents, Carl and Thelma. Ultimately, Minnie and Rourke defeat the Division and kill its members.

The film ends with Minnie reuniting with her parents, and the family moves to a brighter future, having reunited despite the odds being stacked against them. However, an end end-credits scene teases a dark future for the family. After the initial credits roll, viewers are treated to a bonus scene that shows Rourke and his family heading away in a helicopter while Carl, Rourke’s foster father, stays behind to clean up the mess at the ranch. However, in a shocking twist, it is revealed that Dellrayne is still alive and posing as Carl during the climactic battle. The revelation adds an extra punch to the story as it implies Rourke and his family will never be safe, as Dellrayne will continue to chase and hunt them down.

In the movie, viewers learn precariously little about Dellrayne (William Fichtner of ‘The Company You Keep‘). In fact, Dellrayne might not even be his real name, as Rourke assumes it is the Division’s leader after Vivian/Cruz tells him while they are in the contract. However, the message “Find Lev Dellrayne” is a wordplay on Minnie’s address, meaning it cannot be the Division leader’s actual name. The movie also reveals that Dellrayne is one of the most powerful Hypnotics and a ruthless leader who will stop at nothing to get his hands on Domino, aka Dominique “Minnie” Rourke. During the climax, he is seemingly killed in Minnie’s onslaught.

Before Minnie’s attack starts, we see Dellrayne realize he is inside a contract created by the young Hypnotic. As a result, Dellrayne likely used his own Hypnotic powers to replace himself with Carl when he was seemingly shot and killed. Instead, Dellrayne was quietly observing Minnie’s powers by posing as Carl. The end credits scene seemingly sets up a sequel where Dellrayne will continue to chase down Rourke and his family. However, even if a sequel never materializes, the end credits scene adds an interesting final twist to the mind-bending story, which constantly tries to pull the rug from under the viewers.

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