I Know This Much Is True Filming Locations

Based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name by Wally Lamb, HBO’s ‘I Know This Much Is True’ follows the story of twin brothers who try to maintain a steady relationship in the face of personal difficulties. ‘Avengers’ star Mark Ruffalo plays the role of Dominick and Thomas Birdsey. Thomas suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and through the years, we find his life intertwined with that of his brother in a way that both feel tied down with their situation. Dominick tries to support his brother any way he can, but the pressure of his worsening health along with the personal losses that he has faced in his life take a toll on him.

The show captures the intimate relationship between the brothers and focuses on their emotional and physical traumas. Both of them suffer from a sense of isolation, which is exaggerated through their surroundings. The show takes us back and forth from their childhood to adulthood, highlighting their condition through the changes around them. The house that they grow up in, the town that they live in, the hospital where Thomas is admitted- all of these places hold a significance in their story.

With such significant influence of the surroundings on the lives of the characters, it was important for the crew to find the right place to set the story in. If you want to know where ‘I Know This Much Is True’ was filmed, here’s the answer.

Where is I Know This Much Is True Filmed?

‘I Know This Much Is True’ is set in a fictional town called Three Rivers in Connecticut. Lamb described it as “an amalgamation of Norwich, Willimantic and New London.” He wanted the show to be filmed in eastern Connecticut to give the story the same feel as is in the books.

To convince them of the same, he invited Derek Cianfrance and Mark Ruffalo to his home in Mansfield. He gave them a tour of all the real locations around the neighborhood that had found a place in the book. He couldn’t convince them, but he is glad that they succeeded in getting the gist of it. The show makers took the essence of those places and incorporated them in a different location. The show has been entirely filmed in New York.

New York, USA

‘I Know This Much Is True’ is primarily filmed on location in Kingston, Wappingers Falls, and Poughkeepsie. The town of Ulster also features in the show. Route 209 had been closed for several days for filming. Several scenes have been filmed in Pleasant Valley. The crew was spotted filming around places like the Pleasant Valley Estates apartment complex.


Some scenes have also been filmed in the Mount Carmel section of Poughkeepsie at Hoffman Street and Delafield. Vassar Brothers Medical Centre, Vassar College, Seasons Fishkill Restaurant, 9 Mall Plaza, and All Sports Health and Fitness in Fishkill were also used to film various scenes. A defunct Sonic Drive-in place in Wappinger also appears in the show. A few scenes in the series are also filmed in a studio at Umbra Sound Stages in Newburgh.

Some scenes were scheduled to be filmed at a used car dealership in Ellenville. However, the plan was abandoned when the building was destroyed in a fire that led to the damage of film equipment and several vintage cars.

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