Ileisha Dell From Below Deck Sailing Yacht: All We Know About the Star

Image Credit:Ileisha Josephine Dell/Instagram

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ is a spin-off of ‘Below Deck.’ The reality show features crew members of the luxury yacht Parsifal III, their assigned work, and the drama surrounding them. Season 4 has assembled an exciting cast, including Ileisha Josephine Dell, a Chef with seventeen years of culinary experience. Most are curious to know if she’ll be able to take the heat on the show and to answer that question, one must know about her journey and past accomplishments. So, without further ado, here’s everything about Chef Ileisha!

Ileisha Dell’s Family and Australian Roots

Born to John Dell and Lou Whittaker, Ileisha grew up in a lively household with her two siblings, Magnolia Dell and Stellar Marshall. She hails from Bondi Bay, a small town in New South Wales, Australia, but moved to Los Angeles in March 2023. The culinary expert completed her secondary education at Mullumbimby High School and Mullum High. Later, she graduated from Le Chef College. Ileisha pursued her passion for traveling and cooking and became a Yacht Chef in 2014. She also enjoys photography, watching movies, yoga, interior designing, and collecting vintage glassware.

Ileisha Dell’s Profession

Ileisha lives a dream life where she gets to travel across the ocean for work. She began her career as a Pastry Chef and, since then, has worked in some of the finest kitchens in Australia. Ileisha first worked at Porch and Parlour, a breakfast and brunch restaurant. Later, she was a Pastry Chef for Aria Restaurant between 2009 and 2011.

The owner, Matt Moran, started another restaurant named Chiswick, where Ileisha was once again employed as a Pastry Chef. Moreover, she was a Prep Chef for his cooking show. The ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ star has worked for the most influential families and accompanied one in the Mediterranean for nearly two years. Ileisha has reportedly worked for ‘Superyachts’ and is currently a chef at ‘Yachts International’ since September 2019.

Ileisha Dell Likes to Keep Her Dating Life Private

Ileisha Dell has kept her present dating life away from the public eye. However, she did have a mystery man in her life in 208, with whom she visited unique tourist sites such as Paris and London. But it remains unclear whether they were just good friends or romantically involved. Ileisha’s last post with him was in October 2018; there was no trace of them together afterward. Regardless, we can’t wait to see how she shoulders the responsibilities and takes on the challenge of working aboard the Parsifal III!


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