In/Spectre Season 2 Episode 11 Recap and Ending, Explained

In the eleventh episode of ‘In/Spectre’ season 2 titled ‘Sleeping Murder,’ Kotoko finally reveals that it was not Goichi who had murdered his wife but his daughter Kouya. Naturally, this suggestion infuriates his husband Kouya, who takes a stand against the claim. But he eventually ends up accidentally revealing that his wife had in fact checked whether her mother was breathing after she was attacked. Once her job is done, Kotoko accompanied by her boyfriend decides to walk away. But things take an unexpected turn when Kouya resorts to drastic measures to ensure that his wife is not punished for her crimes. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘In/Spectre’ season 2 episode 11. SPOILERS AHEAD!

In/Spectre Season 2 Episode 11 Recap

After Goichi has made his confession, Kotoko finally decides to reveal the real killer of Sumi Goichi to solve the complicated murder case. It turns out that Iwanaga has figured out that the specter that Goichi has made a deal with did not actually murder his wife. When she interviewed him about the same, the specter revealed that Sumi was killed right in front of his eyes moments before he had planned to do the same with her.

But in order to ensure that the deal with Goichi remained intact, the specter had buried all incriminating evidence and ensured that the truth of the murder never came out. He had even changed himself to Sumi-san and shouted after her death to make it seem that a man had killed her. Knowing this much makes it very clear to Kotoko that the killer could only have been a woman, which meant Kaoruko had murdered her mother.

When the facts were revealed in front of the Otonoshi family, Kouya refused to accept them and continued to argue that his wife was innocent. But hours of discussion and deliberation made him slip up that Kaoruko had even checked her mother’s breathing. This is enough for Kotoko to prove that Kaoruko is the culprit and Kouya has known about the murder for quite some time now.

In/Spectre Season 2 Episode 11 Ending: Is Kurou Dead?

Just when Kurou and Kotoko are about to leave the hall after getting done with the case, Kouya points a gun at them. He claims that he cannot trust the two outsiders with incriminating information. Kotoko tries to calm Kouya by explaining that she no longer wants to get involved in their family affairs and will not approach the law enforcement authorities. But all her arguments fall on deaf ears as Kouya continues to threaten the couple. Kurou feels that he needs to take a stand and walks towards him, hoping that he can calm him.

But things get out of hand as Kouya directly shoots directly between his eyes, after which Kurou collapses on the ground. While the shocked Otonoshi family watches helplessly, Kouya turns his attention to Kotoko, knowing that he has no other option but to take her life too. But all of a sudden Kurou stands back on his feet and grabs the gun from Kouya’s hand. The couple eventually walks away safely while everyone else is left contemplating how Kouya could have possibly survived the gunshot wound.

Why Did Goichi Asked For Kotoko’s Help With His Case? Was He Influenced Directly By Rikka? Why Did Rikka Want Kotoko to Take Goichi’s Case?

A few days after Kotoko has helped Goichi solve the murder mystery of his wife, he invited her to his house to have a discussion. Although this meant that he was breaking his previous promise, Mr. Otonoshi was eager to learn something. It turns out that he had heard about an immortal woman with the power to determine the future before asking Kotoko’s help with the case. This woman was none other than Rikka Sakuragawa, who was surprisingly quite open to hearing Goichi’s story when he shared everything with her with the hope that she will help him in some manner.

But after she has learned all the details of the case, she simply advised him to approach Kotoko and Kurou. This is what eventually led Mr. Otonoshi to Iwanaga. Now he was curious to learn if Rikka has manipulated him into making certain decisions, which eventually led to the future that has now transpired. Interestingly, Kotoko argues that this is certainly not the case and his approaching Rikka or her is not surprising considering he has dealt with people involved with specters or specters previously in his life.

But now that Kotoko and Kurou have learned that Rikka was the one who guided Goichi to them, they begin speculating all the possibilities that came to their mind. Kurou feels that his sister was either trying to guarantee that they were busy with the case just so that they fail to stop her next plan or Rikka wanted his brother to observe how Kotoko solved cases that involved specters. The latter seems more plausible considering the different aspects of the case make Iwanaga’s cold and calculated approach stand out, which is what Rikka probably wanted Kurou to see.

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