In/Spectre Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Electroshock Pinocchio

In the sixth episode of ‘In/Spectre’ season 2, the story turns towards the fishing town of Port Totomizu which has been haunted by the inexplicable death of countless aquatic animals. There are fears that the strange phenomena are provoked by supernatural causes and an old woman named Tae-san is eager to investigate the matter. In her pursuit of truth, she is helped by the Bakeneko that has been living with her for the last few weeks.

Tae-san Investigates Suspicious Death of Aquatic Life

Tae-san is a resident of the fishing town of Port Totomizu, who finds a fully-grown cat on her patio one ordinary day. Looking at his condition, she promptly took him in not knowing at the time that she will be dealing with a Bakeneko in the coming weeks. As she learned the truth, the Bakeneko started talking to her and even shared alcohol with Tae-san. Meanwhile, the fishing town was going through a crisis. Large quantities of dead fish would often wash up on the shore every day along with other aquatic animals.

Tae-san was made aware of the painful situation that was slowly killing tourism in the region which provided employment to a lot of people. One of the people on the beach suggests that all of this could be a result of the Zelta’s curse. Tae-san recalls how Zelta, a resident of the town was forced to live alone when his son left and started his own family. The previous summer he came back to his father and Zelta was ecstatic to meet his grandson, Tsubasa. Unfortunately for the family, Tsubasa was killed when a tourist ran a car over him.

Since it was summer vacation the traffic made it impossible for the ambulance to reach the hospital in time and Tsubasa died on the way. All of this was too much to take for Zelta who died the previous month because of heart failure. The mayor of the town meets Tae-san and suggests that Zelta probably had envy for the people of the region because of what happened. Although he was not the kind of person to take revenge, the mayor suggests that he could have taken the help of someone else.

That’s when he mentions the wooden doll that Zelta has been carving before his death and it suddenly went missing. It has even been spotted several times on the beach. Tae-san rejected such theories in front of the mayor but they continued to play on her mind when she returned home. So, eventually, she decided to discuss the matter with Bakeneko at her place to find the truth.

Did Zenta’s Doll Kill the Fishes?

Later that evening, the Bakeneko takes Tae-san to the beach where all the monsters of the town have gathered. It turns out that they are all afraid of Zenta’s doll. When Tae-san enquires why the monsters do not try talking things out with the doll, Bakeneko explains that it is not reasonable and he hardly understands what they are saying. Suddenly, the Bakeneko realizes that the Zenta’s doll is coming their way, so he hides behind a rock with Tae-san.

As they secretly observe, the Zenta’s doll walks on the beach and is suddenly attacked by Master shojo, whom the Bakeneko calls their greatest ally. Meanwhile, the Okani-dono attacks from behind. Unfortunately for them, the Zenta’s doll is too powerful and swiftly takes down the Okani-dono by electrocuting it. Then it moves out of the way to avoid getting smashed by Master shojo and tries to electrocute him as well. Luckily, he throws his weapon which ends up observing the shock entirely and he narrowly escapes suffering a similar fate as the Okani-dono.

A Yokai then explains that the Zenta’s doll unleashes electricity indiscriminately when it goes underwater. This leads to the death of all the fish in the water which has been troubling the whole town lately. Tae-san struggles to comprehend that Zenta hated the people of the town to the extent that he would create such a monster just to destroy the city and the livelihoods of its honest and hardworking citizens.

Does Tae-san Allow Iwanaga to Stay At Her House?

The Bakeneko later tells that it’s incredibly tricky to track down the Zenta’s doll. However, they do know that it goes somewhere in the mountain to dry itself after taking a dip in the ocean. The Bakeneko then tells Tae-san that the case can now only be solved by their lady, the goddess of wisdom. He tells her that she is arriving in the town soon and asks her if she would allow her to live at her house.

Tae-san agrees since there are several rooms at her place but wants a gift from the goddess of wisdom in return for the favor. Iwanaka later meets Tae-san at her house and introduces herself. Tae-san could never have imagined that the goddess of wisdom the Bakeneko has been talking about is just a young college-going student, so she feels embarrassed to have asked for gifts from her.

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