In/Spectre Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Or You Could Wish Upon a Star

In the seventh episode of ‘In/Spectre’ season 2, Iwanaga meets Tae-san and learns about the intricacies of the whole story to come up with her own theory. She then suggests that they can take down the doll using the extremely predictable paths that it follows to their advantage. But as Iwanaga and her friends try to understand the case, they slowly begin to realize that Zenta’s motivations for making the doll are far more complicated than they had previously estimated.

Iwanga Hatches a Plan to Stop Zenta’s Doll

After arriving at Tae-san’s house, Iwanaga learns more about the case and immediately concludes that some things just don’t add up. One of the key aspects is the fact that Zenta’s doll never directly attacked the culprits who were responsible for the death of his grandson. If his grudge was all about revenge, then the doll should have killed the people at the root of it.

Following the death of his grandson, Zenta was struggling to lead a peaceful life as he had many health issues. He would often go to the mountain alone and during one such trip, a tree was hit by a meteorite right in front of him. Zenta for some reason got attached to the meteorite and decided to use the wood to make the now-infamous Zenta doll. Tae-san had seen him work on the doll and had also warned him on several instances that nothing good will come out of him trying to make a doll to replace his grandson.

Zenta ended up using the wood where the meteorite was embedded to make the right arm of the doll. This is the arm it has been using to release electric attacks on its foes. Iwanaga grows increasingly curious about the purpose that Zenta intended the doll to accomplish. Although Tae-san has heard him say that he wanted it to do something in his place, she could not have figured out his motives from just that statement alone.

The problem with leaving the doll alone is the fact that people may eventually try to take it down in order to save the destabilized economy of the region. But once they go after it, the casualties can certainly be pretty high because of the powers that it possesses. Iwanaga mentions that the Zenta’s doll has a very predictable route that it takes daily. Using this information, she comes up with a plan to plant explosives on the beach and destroy the doll violently.

What Was Zenta’s Revenge Plan?

On the day on which Iwanaga is about to carry out her plans to destroy the Zenta’s doll, she talks to Tae-san and Kurou privately. She tells them that dolls have been used as vessels to house gods and spirits since ancient times. But most people often forget that there is another use for dolls in relation to magic. Hex dolls are created utilizing hair or some other belongings of a person and are then used famously to inflict pain on those individuals. Iwanaga feels that Zenta’s doll is exactly that and its creator had a really sinister plan in his mind while making it. She tells Tae-san and Kurou that the doll must have something belonging to the four people involved in the road accident that took Zenta’s grandson’s life.

So when anyone eventually tries to destroy the doll, the four people will also die at the same time. Zenta’s plan seemed quite well thought out since his creation had made a lot of enemies by directly impacting day-to-day life in the fishing town of Port Totomizu. Just as they had planned, Zenta’s doll finally shows up at the beach. Kurou confronts it multiple times and gets attacked over and over again. But all of this is part of Iwanaga’s grand plan. When they eventually manage to get the Zenta’s doll exactly where they want, the yokai there pull ropes that eventually end up hanging it by its right arm in a pit.

Since it can no longer use electric power for direct attacks, Kurou can now inspect its body to find anything belonging to the people involved in the accident that took Zenta’s grandson’s life. He eventually notices that Tae-san’s name along with the four culprits has been carved on the doll. In order to undo the Hex doll magic, Kurou now must scratch them off the doll. Tae-san mentions that she and the other four culprits may feel the pain during the process but interestingly nothing really happens to her.

Tae-san concludes that Zenta’s hatred never became a curse and it only managed to animate the doll and give it some powers. Therefore, Zenta’s grand plan to get the culprits responsible for the death of his grandson was doomed from the very start. Since he never had the courage to take anyone’s life, he came up with the entire scheme but all of this turned out to be a huge mistake as he overcomplicated the plan.

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