In/Spectre Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: And So, the Ruler Disappeared

In the eighth episode of ‘In/Spectre’ season 2 titled ‘And So, the Ruler Disappeared,’ Iwanaga is invited alone to meet the successful businessman Goichi Otonoshi. When the two get to talk to each other, the current chairman of the Otonoshi group reveals how he got his wife murdered by an ayakashi more than two decades ago. Now that he feels guilty for his crime, Goichi desires to make amends by revealing the truth of his wife’s death to his children.

Iwanga Learns About the Otonoshi Family Case

Iwanaga is invited by Goichi Otonoshi, the current chairman of the Otonoshi group to discuss something important. As the two get to talk to each other finally, Goichi reveals that he is running the multinational hotel chain business despite not even belonging to the Otonoshi family. It turns out that Denjiro Otonoshi the then head of the Otonoshi group saw his talent and got him married to his daughter Sumi-san. Following his death, Sumi started running the business. His decision was not wrong considering, his daughter did have great business acumen. But with time, Sumi only became more controlling and complicated everyone’s life.

Although her oldest son wanted to be a chef, she refused to let him pursue his dreams as she wanted to groom him to become the next head of the Otonoshi family. Meanwhile, she also did approve of her daughter’s relationship with her lover and denied her youngest son’s desire to get involved in the family business as he wanted. All of this was eating Goichi from the inside and he, therefore, ended up making a pact with an ayakashi named Fubuki to get his wife killed. Fubuki murdered Sumi ten days later and Goichi became the chairman.

After he assumed power, he helped his children get the life they desired and also saved the hotel company which was slowly failing. Goichi Otonoshi naturally feels guilty for his crimes and wants to make amends. However, Iwanaga also considers the situation in which he may change his mind and pass on the message to his children that things will work out if they enlist the help of specters. The pursuit of personal goals by specters and humans using each other is quite problematic. Iwanaga believes that just like Fubuki was punished by his own kind for his deplorable actions, Goichi should also get what he deserves for his wrongdoings.

When he is listening to the story, Kurou interjects to make the case that Goichi is already paying for his crimes with his life, but Iwanaga disagrees. She argues that the Chairman of the Otonoshi group is already eighty-one, so his approaching death should not come as a shock. Looking at his long life, his associates may believe that he made the right choice, while the chairman himself may pass on thinking that he was right all along. Iwanaga feels that Goichi approaching her, to tell the truth, is a sign that he has no problem turning to things outside the normal boundaries when in need.

How Does Goichi Otonoshi Want to Make His Children Believe in the Crimes He Has Committed?

When Goichi met Iwanaga, he explained to her that if she tries to bring a complete stranger to prove to his children that he has killed their mother, they are highly unlikely to believe it. Therefore, he comes up with an interesting plan of his own. He wants his children to make their own explanations about him being the murderer of his wife so that they can slowly be reasoned to suspect him for real in the process. Goichi feels that this process will make them more accepting of the horrific truth. Then when a good theory that makes sense will be presented to them in such a situation, then they are probably going to believe it.

In order to use this plan, Goichi told his children that he killed their mother twenty-three years ago. He then gave them the assignment to come up with the best possible explanation for the case using the new information. Whoever does the best will be given priority when splitting their father’s inheritance. In all of this drama, Goichi has given Iwanaga the responsibility to assess whose theory is the best and rank them accordingly. While inheritance does have a role to play in all of this, Goichi just wants to put himself in a situation where his children are more open-minded to the harsh truth.

Iwanaga’s presence also ensures that Goichi’s children will not think that the whole exercise is just a waste of time or a joke. But since he already has a very strong alibi, his children will certainly struggle to explain his crime. On the day of the meeting, Goichi introduces Iwanaga to his children and grandaughter, so that they can finally start the discussion that is expected to reveal the truth behind the brutal murder that happened 23 years ago.

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