In/Spectre Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: The Silenced Children

In the ninth episode of ‘In/Spectre’ season 2 titled ‘The Silenced Children,’ Iwanaga gives Rio, Koya, and Susumu-san a chance to deliberate on Sumi’s death and offer a single theory. She told them that she will judge them based on their contributions. Iwanaga’s plans worked as some shocking truths about the entire case were suddenly revealed but sadly the bigger question still remained unanswered.

Iwanga Gives Her Theory

After meeting Goichi’s son, granddaughter, and son-in-law, Iwanaga told them that she was in a lose-lose situation. She was personally asked by Goichi to judge the theories about Sumi-san’s murder that her children came up with. But since he had also tied the monetary benefit of inheriting a larger percentage of his estate to the person whose theory seemed closer to the truth, Iwanaga felt burdened by the responsibility She also opened up about the fear of being targeted for not delivering her decision in favor of the people involved in the entire exercise.

From her perspective, it is understandable that Iwanaga felt that she was not going to gain anything from the entire case. In order to simplify everything, she told Goichi’s relatives that they can together come up with a single theory and she will gladly judge them on the basis of their contribution. She gave the relatives one hour to discuss following which she would listen to what they thought. Rio, Ryoma, and Kyo showed little interest in inheriting the estate and appeared to be prepared to resolve everything peacefully. When Iwanaga later returned, she understood the problem and dealt with it very smartly. She pointed out how every one of Sumi-san’s relatives had a perfect alibi. Ryoma-san and Susumu-san were spotted arguing with some of their colleagues at the office.

Meanwhile, Kaoruko accidentally broke her leg which also made it impossible to suspect her of the murder of her mother. Goichi was also in a meeting when the crime was committed, so all the relatives strangely had solid alibis. But Iwanga deliberately presented everything in a manner that made it seem that she was suspecting that everyone was involved in the murder and had therefore made strong alibis to avoid suspicion. Her plan had the desired effect and Goichi’s relatives soon revealed what they had buried in their hearts.

Was Sumi-san Killed By Her Children?

Although Susumu-san and Ryoma-san hated each other, the two of them had one goal in their mind and it was to kill their mother. The brothers were fed up with their mother’s interference in their lives and just wanted to spend the rest of their time on Earth living a peaceful life. In order to live a life on their terms, they felt that they had only one choice and it was to kill their mother. So, despite their hate for each other, Ryoma and Susumu joined hands and started planning their mother’s murder. They would fight frequently in the office to a point that the people there got used to it.

This could later be used as an alibi when the two of them killed their mother. But before they could do that, one night they learned the shocking news that Sumi-san was stabbed to death. Susumu-san confessed to the crime of plotting the murder but he and his brother never managed to execute their plans. The attention then turned to Koya-san. Iwanaga argued that just like Ryoma and Susumu-san, Koya and his wife also appeared to have solid alibis. But Iwanaga offered another perspective on their side of the story. She argued that Kaoruko deliberately got herself injured publicly on the night of the murder.

When she was supposed to be resting in Koya-san’s condo, she surreptitiously slipped out in the night. Kaoruko found Sumi-san, who was walking back to her house and used the opportunity to stab her to death. Then she returned to the condo and fractured her own leg deliberately to make her alibi even more solid that she cannot commit the murder. Koya-san mockingly praises Iwanaga’s imagination but then also defends his wives’ innocence.

Koya then later also admits that he too planned Sumi-san’s murder with his wife but on the day that they were about to kill her, Kaoruko accidentally broke her leg before she murdered her mother. Iwanaga then explains that she knows that none of them actually killed Sumi-san and she only wanted everyone to relax since they were too preoccupied with the idea to hide their guilt. Now that they had made their confessions, they can finally put all their effort into thinking about how Goichi could have potentially killed Sumi-san.

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