In/Spectre Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In the twelfth episode of ‘In/Spectre’ season 2 titled ‘A Lucky Day at the Unagi Restaurant,’ the story turns toward Kajio and Jujoji, two close friends enjoying a meal together when the latter accuses the former of murdering his wife. Although his theory sounds quite accurate, Jujoji eventually feels that his fears were irrational and his friend is not guilty. After they go their separate ways, Kajio is stopped by Kotoko, who asks him a difficult question.

In/Spectre Season 2 Finale Recap

Kajio is invited by Jujoji to an unagi restaurant. The two friends have known each other for a long time. The conversation at the restaurant starts with trivial facts about unagi but they eventually become more serious. Meanwhile, Kotoko is calmly sitting at the same restaurant and enjoying her meal alone. The two friends have noticed her at several points but do not talk to her directly. At some point in the conversation, Jujoji accuses Kajio of murdering his wife. The police investigation concluded that Yuki was killed when a mugging went horribly wrong.

However, Jujoji disagreed and felt that his friend was to be blamed for the crime. He argued that Kajio has committed a string of mugging crimes in the area just so that he can make it seem that he was innocent. But despite the accusations, Kajio remained calm and just ate his food. This eventually made Jujoji feel guilty and he concluded that a murderer won’t be so calm when he was accused of a crime that he had committed. Therefore, he felt that it may have been wrong to suspect his friend.

Did Kajio Kill Yukie? How Did Kotoko Solve the Case?

Just after saying goodbye to Jujoji, Kajio decides to head home but finds Kotoko waiting for him outside the station. She asks him for his time and inquires whether Kajio is going to turn himself in for killing his wife mercilessly. Kajio is naturally shocked by her straightforwardness and recalls how six months ago he had decided to murder his wife and eventually did it. He was too uncomfortable with the idea that Yukie wants to divorce him and will find another man at some point in her life. This realization alone was too haunting for him to accept and his controlling nature did not allow him to let her leave a normal life.

Eventually, he committed a string of muggings in a specific area. One night when Yukie was going from there, he killed her and ran away with her money. Naturally, the police looked at the evidence and concluded that this was just a regular mugging incident that went horribly wrong. Just like that Kajio managed to kill his wife and was not even doubted by everyone. However, the guilt of murder soon began to weigh him down. He began to realize that he may have been wrong to deduce that he would lead a normal life following his wife’s death. Eventually, it got to a point where he felt that he need to turn himself in. In the days leading to that, he feel lighter again and was at peace.

In fact, Kajio met Jujoji that day just so that he can have some happy memories. But he did not expect his friend him accuse him of the crime he is guilty of committing. Now it was even more shocking that a random girl he saw at the unagi restaurant also knew his secrets. He suddenly came to the conclusion that Yukie’s family has probably hired her and she is a private detective. Kotoko remains quiet until Kajio talks and then reveals that he is absolutely wrong. She just randomly visited that unagi restaurant that day and was quite shocked when she saw the ghost of Kajio’s wife clinging to him for retribution.

Eventually, Yukie’s ghost talked to Kotoko and told her the whole story. Kotoko then told Kajio that following his wife’s death, he was feeling heavy not because of the guilt but because his wife was clinging to him as hard as she possibly could. Yukie’s ghost will only leave once Kajio has turned himself in and accepted the punishment for his crimes. Although Kajio initially doubts her the more Kotoko talks, the more it becomes obvious that her assessment is right.

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