Indian Matchmaking Season 1: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Created by Smriti Mundhra, Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ gives the viewers an insight into the process that several Indians undergo when selecting their spouses. The Indian reality show follows Sima Taparia, a matchmaker from Mumbai, India, who tries her best to help the cast members find the one they want. People within and outside India trust the marriage consultant in hopes of finding a suitable life partner.

Season 1 of the series premiered in 2020, and several cast members captivated the viewers with their stories and decisions. Naturally, many fans cannot help but wonder what they are up to presently- did they find what they wanted, or are they still looking for someone? Well, we are here to answer the same!

Where Are Aparna Shewakramani and Jay Wadhwani Now?

At the end of her arc on season 1 of the Indian reality show, we saw Aparna Shewakramani bonding with Jay Wadhwani from Atlanta, Georgia. Fans were hopeful that the Houston, Texas, based attorney would perhaps find her happily ever after with him. However, it was not meant to be, and as of writing, Aparna is single. While she and Jay had a good camaraderie, the bond between the two took the form of friendship, and the latter even helped her search for a house when she moved out of Houston. The Texan attorney returned for the second season of the reality series, where she elaborated about her move to Manhattan, New York.

“Jay and I are still friends,” Aparna told Entertainment Tonight Canada. “We did not ever start any relationship together…The men I went on dates with are who I really call my friends today. And for me, that’s so special because we got to walk away with these friendships, and that’s priceless.” The reality star moved to the Big Apple to shake things up and perhaps move her life forward. Despite the respect that she holds for Sima in her heart, she decided not to use the matchmaker’s services further.

Aparna’s reasons for the same stem from her belief that Sima might not be on the same wavelength as her regarding looking for a spouse. In the second season, she tentatively dated Daman Baath, a cousin of her friend, though it ultimately fizzled out due to distance and commitment issues. Furthermore, Aparna heavily consults Sophie, an astrologer based in Hyderabad, India.

It seems like Aparna has now decided to let the tide take its flow and explore her inner self. On March 22, 2022, she released her book, ‘She’s Unlikeable: And Other Lies That Bring Women Down,’ based on her personal experiences. The attorney still indulges in her love of traveling and often posts pictures of her adventures on her social media. Meanwhile, Jay has made amazing progress regarding his own love life- as of July 2022, the reality show cast member is an engaged man after he proposed to Stephanie Robbins. His co-stars Aparna and Pradhyuman Maloo publically congratulated him about his upcoming nuptials.

Where Are Pradhyuman Maloo and Rushali Rai Now?

According to Sima Taparia, she had sent Pradhyuman Maloo around 150 proposals, which he rejected for different reasons. When his date with actor and model Rushali Rai ended on a high note, viewers were hopeful that the two would last. Nonetheless, despite the interesting connection between the pair, they soon parted ways. When season 2 rolled around, people were happily surprised when Pradhyuman announced that he was dating someone.

The Mumbai-based jeweler designer’s relationship with Ashima Chauhaan became one of the most heart-lifting arcs of the second season. The two apparently met at a party around July 2020 and quickly hit it off; as the season unfolded, we saw Pradhyuman introducing his girlfriend to his friends. Soon, the young entrepreneur proposed to Ashima with a gorgeous waterside view. Furthermore, the happy couple’s destination wedding in Udaipur, India, seemed as glamourous as one might have hoped when tuning in to watch ‘Indian Matchmaking’ season 2. Furthermore, Pradhyuman has taken his passion for food and hospitality and opened multiple restaurants in Mumbai.

On the other hand, Rushali seems to be thriving in her professional life and is happy to share gorgeous pictures of herself on social media that boost her resume and show off her work. She has also broken into the Indian movie industry with the movie ‘Sorry Day,’ which was released in early 2022. Moreover, Rushali shared the screen with Indian actor Ajay Devgn in ‘Runway 34.’

Where Are Nadia Christina Jagessar and Shekar Jayaraman Now?

Based in Morristown, New Jersey, Nadia Christina Jagessar’s presence on the show helped the viewers learn more about the often overlooked community of Guyanese Indians. As season 1 concluded, fans were left with a happy image of her on a date with Shekar Jayaraman in Chicago, Illinois. As it turns out, the two did keep in contact and met a few times, but due to miscommunication, they started to drift apart. It all came crashing down during the events at the start of season 2 when Nadia found Vishal Kalyanasundaram and ultimately decided to break things off with Shekhar.

Undoubtedly, Shekhar was disappointed, especially given the circumstances of the reveal, but he decided to soldier on. Nadia’s relationship with Vishal, who is seven years younger than her, ended after a couple of months, leaving the New Jersey event planner heartbroken. After this, she decided to entirely place her trust in Sima Taparia’s matchmaking process and settle down.

As of writing, Nadia works dedicatedly at Euphoria Events, her event planning business. She also utilizes her considerable social media following to promote businesses like Givaudan and opened the Riya Collective fashion show in New York City in December 2021. Shekhar, too, seems to be spending quality time with his friends and family and is working as an attorney in his own law firm called Jayaraman Law, LLC.

Where Are Vyasar Ganesan and Rashi Gupta Now?

Unfortunately, Vyasar Ganesan and Rashi Gupta are not together. The couple’s journey in season 1 was certainly heartwarming, and he managed to worm his way into several hearts. However, season 1 left the viewers on a cliffhanger as Vyasar decided to confess a particularly shocking aspect of his father’s life to Rashi. Though that was not enough to turn her and her family away, the couple did drift apart based on compatibility issues and the latter’s inexperience regarding serious relationships.

During the reunion video posted by Netflix India for the cast of season 1, Vyasar revealed that he was in a serious relationship thanks to his appearance on the show. Apparently, his new girlfriend saw him on the series, and her cousin approached the Austin, Texas, resident on her behalf. As of early 2021, the two were going strong; meanwhile, on the professional front, Vyasar is still working as College Counselor at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy of Austin. Rashi, too, is still working as a small and exotic animal veterinarian in Los Angeles, California. Interestingly, both of them did not return for season 2 of ‘Indian Matchmaking.’

Where Are Akshay Jakhete and Radhika Somani Now?

In season 1 of ‘Indian Matchmaking,’ Akshay Jakhete and Radhika Somani’s progress toward marriage was better than everyone else. The two even participated in the Roka ceremony, which effectively almost confirmed the nuptials; however, the wedding never happened. Apparently, the very night of the ritual, Akshay started regretting his decision to be with Radhika and confessed that he didn’t understand why he had decided to marry someone he could barely hold a conversation with.

Ultimately, Akshay talked to the relevant parties the very next day, and the wedding was canceled. According to the Mumbai-based businessman, he had never felt lighter in life than he did after honestly talking with his parents. He has insisted multiple times that the separation was no one’s fault and simply occurred due to him and Radhika being very different. Presently, Akshay seems to be happily single and spending time with his close ones. Neither he nor Radhika appeared in season 2 of the reality series.

Where is Ankita Bansal Now?

Based in Delhi, India, businesswoman Ankita Bansal‘s journey in season 1 of ‘Indian Matchmaking’ resonated with several viewers. Her struggles as an independent woman whom society constantly derided for the apparent lack of beauty was a crucial topic that the show addressed. Despite her initial pursuit of a spouse, the show’s events ultimately led Ankita to focus more on herself and her denim business THERE!.

In fact, the businesswoman saw massive growth in sales thanks to her stint on the Netflix show. “We had to figure out international shipping within four days of the show’s launch,” Ankita told Forbes. “We had no idea the impact this show was going to have on our business.” As of writing, she is dedicated to self-care and often shares workout videos and photos with her followers. Surprisingly, the Delhi-based entrepreneur did not make an appearance in season 2 of the matchmaking show.

Where is Rupam Kaur Now?

As a divorced single mother on season 1 of ‘Indian Matchmaking,’ Rupam Kaur garnered many fans. Nevertheless, despite availing of Sima Taparia’s services, she decided to try her luck with a man she met on Bumble. The online dating app did work out well for the Sikh woman as she soon got married to her Bumble match, Nitin Singh. The two had gotten engaged long before season 1 of the reality show began airing.

“When I met him and just saw his demeanor and how he’s so calm, easygoing and was so honest and communicated and was really straightforward about his feelings towards me…that was the feeling I didn’t expect would happen,” Rupam, a physician by profession, shared with Today.

In September 2020, the couple got married in a Gurudwara (a Sikh Temple) in Glen Cove, New York, following the restrictions that were in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Nitin himself has been once divorced and has a daughter from his previous marriage. The couple welcomed their son, Baaz Singh, on July 4, 2021. We wish them all the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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