Indian Matchmaking Season 2: Where Are the Participants Now? Who Are Still Together?

Finding a life partner is far from an easy job, and people across the world have their own approach to the same. In Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking,’ we get to see various people of Indian ethnicity try the traditional way of arranged marriages and learn several lessons along the way. The recent release of the reality show‘s third installment has reinvigorated the interest that the public has in its various cast member, with people especially eager about any and all updates regarding the cast of season 2. If you are in the same boat, here is everything that we know about the same!

Pradhyuman Maloo and Ashima Chauhan Are Happily Married

We are starting off with Pradhyuman Maloo and Ashima Chauhan, whose engagement and wedding were quite heartwarming to see in the second season of the show. The former had tried his luck at finding a wife in season 1 as well but was not able to connect with some of his first choices. However, after meeting Ashima, things seem to flow much better, leading to the two getting married. As of writing, it does seem like the two are happily married and are thriving in their lives.

Presently, Pradhyuman serves as the Creative Director for Nornament, a jewelry brand that was established in 1998 and has branches in the Indian cities of Mumbai and Kolkata. He is also the Creative Director for BeeReal, which offers pure, certified, and organic honey to its customers. In fact, the reality TV star partnered up with Yashvardhan Periwal to help establish the company. Meanwhile, Ashima is a successful model and actor who recently disclosed that she is part of Sony TV’s ‘Sapnon Ki Chhalaang.’

Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah Are Still Together

The heartwarming duo of Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah seems to be going strong as of writing. The two were even featured in season 3 of the series, in which Viral traveled to Vadodara, India, in order to meet her partner’s family for the very first time. Their continued relationship has certainly made the fans happy, and the two also seem delighted in each other’s company.

Currently, Viral and Aashay live in New York City, New York, with the latter working as an Optometrist and the former as a Clinical Research Associate for a pharmaceutical company. Though she also splits her time in North Carolina, where her family and loving cat Xena serve as her unwavering support system.

Arshneel Kochar and Rinkle Goyal’s Relationship Status Unknown

Both Arshneel Kochar and Rinkle Goyal seem to prefer to keep their personal lives private. In fact, since their time on the show, neither party has given any updates regarding their love lives, though we are hopeful that their on-screen chemistry continues even today. As of writing, Arshneel is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a Cardiac electrophysiology fellow at Cleveland Clinic. Meanwhile, Rinkle is a Dentist based in Chicago, Illinois.

Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta Are Living Together

Since meeting up with each other, Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta have made impressive strides in their relationship. The two found each other without the help of Sima Taparia and were part of ‘Indian Matchmaking’ season 3. After meeting Shital’s parents, Niraj asked her to move in with him, stating that even though they were, at that point, living in the same city, it would be a different experience to actually live together. Based in Miami, Florida, Shital is a Senior Business Development Manager for Constellation, while Niraj works as a Radiation Oncologist for 21st Century Oncology and is the Founder of Making Moves Universal.

Aparna Shewakramani is Thriving and Seemingly Single

As one of the most noticeable cast members from the first two seasons of the Netflix series, Aparna Shewakramani has become quite famous. The reality star is seemingly single but thriving in her life and the new turn it has taken. On March 22, 2022, she launched her book ‘She’s Unlikeable: And Other Lies that Bring Women Down,’ which quickly became a hit among the public. She seems to be affiliated with My Golden Balloon and Princess Cruises at the moment.

With a firm stance regarding South Asian female representation, Aparna is often welcome at various events regarding similar issues. She even got the opportunity to speak at the US India Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Conference that was held in February 2023. Additionally, she served as a judge for Miss America 2023, an honor she was immensely proud of.

Nadia Jagessar is Enjoying Life Today

Since becoming a reality TV star, Nadia Jagessar has become beloved among the public and has more than 116 thousand Instagram followers. Though seemingly still single, she has continued to live her life to the fullest and often shares glimpses of the same via social media. She is also the Founder of Euphoria Events and never fails to plan memorable events for her clients. Her fame has also allowed her to take up modeling, and she was even featured in Teen Vogue in March 2023. Additionally, she was part of two different TEDx events in 2022. The reality TV star has also rekindled her love for dance and has started taking lessons for the same!

Akshay Dhumal is Living His Best Life

Since his reality TV debut, Akshay Dhumal seems to be living his best life though he does not seem to have found his perfect match. However, that has not stopped him from enjoying the things he loves to do. Presently he serves as the Owner of Dhumal Industries, a company that has been within his family since it was established in 1979. Due to his work, the businessman often travels across the world and seems to have moved to Bloomington, Indiana, from Nashik, India.

Vinesh Vasnani is Retaining Zeal for Life

Even though his attempt to find a match through Sima Taparia does not seem to have panned out, Vinesh Vasnani has continued to retain his zeal for life and likes to indulge in his favorite activities, including traveling. Presently, he is the Director of Darktrace, a cybersecurity software company with which the reality TV star has been working since November 2015. Apart from spending time with friends and family, Vinesh adores the company of his dog Baags, AKA Mr. Tuxedo, who has an Instagram account of his own.

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