Indian Matchmaking Season 3: Where Are the Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ is a unique reality show that follows various people of Indian ethnicity. Looking forward to getting married, their journey alongside matchmaker Sima Taparia is often full of ups and downs and allows them to learn much about themselves and society in general. Season 3 of the series introduced viewers to several new faces and a few old ones whose journey to the altar is still in the making. The recent release of this particular iteration of the show has left people curious about what the various cast members are up to these days, and we are here to explore the same!

Priya Ashra and Vimal Kansara Are Possibly Together

We are starting off with top-knot appreciators Priya Ashra and Vimal “Vim” Kansara. The two got together thanks to the matchmaking prowess of Sima Taparia, but their on-screen journey was not exactly the smoothest and has left fans wondering if they have been able to maintain their connection. While neither party has given any updates regarding their status as a couple, we are inclined to believe that they might still be going strong based on their calm and frank conversation in the show and how well things ended for them.

Presently, Priya is a Feeder and Host for Tiku Tiku Supper Club. The venture allows her to explore her passion for food and cooking. Through the club, she explores Modern Indian cooking and various other kinds of cuisine. Though based in London, United Kingdom, she loves to travel and even visited Slovenia in 2022. Meanwhile, Vim is a Digital Strategy Manager for Cognizant, having worked with the organization since September 2016.

Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah Are Still Together

Having gotten together in season 2, Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah actually seem to be going strong as a couple even today. In fact, their developing bond can be seen in the third iteration of the Netflix show. The fact they’ve even met each other’s families has made it clear they’re heading in the right direction. Presently, Viral is splitting her time between Durham, North Carolina, and New York City, New York, all the while working as a Clinical Research Associate for a pharmaceutical company. She also adores travel and is always happy to show off her dear cat Xena. Aashay also lives in the Big Apple and works as a successful Optometrist.

Vikash Mishra and Janki Kaneria’s Relationship Status Unknown

Both Vikash Mishra and Janki Kaneria came together thanks to the efforts of Sima Taparia, though they have yet to give us an update regarding the current status of their relationship. While the two did seem to connect very well, they live on opposite sides of the USA, which might have created some issues for the two. Given that Janki has been happily promoting the show despite her brief appearance in it, we are hopeful that the experience yielded positive results for her.

Presently, Vikash is based in Davis, California, and is a Physician for Vituity. He is seemingly also affiliated with Sutter Davis Hospital, Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, and Dignity Health Woodland Clinic. In a similar vein, Janki is quite accomplished in her chosen field of profession and is presently Assistant Public Defender in North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County. As of writing, she lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta Are Living Together Today

As of writing, both Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta are happily in a relationship. The two recently moved in together and are primarily based in Miami, Florida. The two often feature on each other’s social media and are pretty complimentary and supportive of their chosen partners. Shital has also found a friend in Arti Lalwani, and the two often spend time together at the gym. The former works as a Senior Business Development Manager for Constellation. On the other hand, Niraj is a Radiation Oncologist for 21st Century Oncology and helped establish Making Moves Universal.

Arti Lalwani and Jamal Are Keeping Their Relationship Private

Though Arti Lalwani availed the services of Sima Taparia, she ultimately found her partner, Jamal, through an online dating app. The connection between the two progressed beautifully, though Arti was concerned about how their families would react since both of them are from different religious backgrounds. Despite all of this, Jamal did not hesitate to become the man Arti wanted and even designed a ring to propose to her and honor her late father.

Presently, both Arti and Jamal are based in Miami, Florida, and have yet to disclose the current status of their relationship. However, we are hopeful that they will likely tie the knot soon if they are not already married, especially given their continued flirty banter on social media (see the post above!).  Arti was working as the Director of Risk Management and Privacy Knowledge Leader for A-LIGN but left the job in November 2022. She also had the opportunity to speak at the Women Leadership Forum in September 2022. Meanwhile, Jamal is a trainer at CKO Kickboxing in Doral, Florida. He also works with the company’s sister branch in Brickell, Florida.

Pavneet Kaur and Tushar Tyagi Dating Status Unknown

Proud of everything she has achieved in life, Pavneet Kaur was a bright ray of light in the third season of the Netflix series and quickly made her way into our hearts. She presently serves as the PR and Marketing Expert for The Brand Shaper, a company she established on her own. Based in Delhi, India, she is the organization’s Founder and Managing Director. On the show, we saw her connecting with Tushar Tyagi though the two have yet to share an update regarding whether or not they have made things official. However, given their genuine interest in each other, we are hopeful for a positive outcome.

As for Tushar, he continues to work as a filmmaker and has been part of many well-known projects over the years, like ‘Dishoom’ and ‘Mr. X,’ in which he served as an Assistant Director. His recent short film, ‘Man and Wife,’ has also garnered praise from viewers and critics alike. Though, it appears as if he has since relocated from Noida to Mumbai.

Rushali Rai is Pursuing Modeling and Acting

As an accomplished model, Rushali Rai was looking forward to settling down but then decided to focus on herself before someone else. Though she does not seem to be dating anyone at present, the reality TV star is living her best life. Having held the title of Miss Delhi and becoming one of the finalists in Miss India 2015, she was also the runner in MTV’s ‘India’s Next Top Model’ season 1. Rushali also works as an actor and is quite close to her family. Primarily based in Delhi, the model loves to travel and recently visited the snow-covered Indian town of Gulmarg.

Bobby Seagull is Educating and Hosting Today

Though Jay “Bobby” Seagull may have appeared only briefly in the Netflix show, he did not fail to capture the attention of the viewers with his optimistic personality and zeal towards life. Though he does not seem to be dating anyone as of writing, the mathematician’s outlook toward life has hardly changed. Bobby is quite a successful author, having published two popular books, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers’ and ‘The Monkman And Seagull Quiz Book,’ published in 2019 and 2017, respectively.

Presently, Bobby is one of the hosts of ‘The Answer Trap’ and is also a part of the podcast titled ‘Maths Appeal’ alongside Susan Okereke. Interestingly, he was recently seen in the fifth seasons of both ‘Celebrity Hunted’ and ‘Pilgrimage: Road Through Portugal .’ The reality TV star often features on BBC Radio 4 to present mind-puzzling challenges and works as a part-time maths teacher at Little Ilford School.

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