Indian Matchmaking Season 2: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

After more than two long years, Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ is back again with both the intricacies of desi arranged marriages as well as arranger Sima Taparia right at the front and center. This second installment thus revolves around her usual pattern of using modern matchmaking techniques with traditional practices to help headstrong singles find their perfect forever partners. So now that we’ve seen the featuring cast of new and old faces alike navigate their personal experiences for true romantic happiness, let’s uncover the details of their current standing, shall we?

Are Pradhyuman and Ashima Still Married?

Pradhyuman Maloo honestly met over 150 potential suitors through Sima Aunty, including interior designer Snehal Totla and model Rushali Rai, only to eventually bump into “the one” on his own. He came across Ashima Chauhan at a local party in Mumbai, leading to the start of an undeniably passionate and playful bond — he was soon no longer the fussy man we initially knew him as.

Therefore, it was no surprise when the affluent Nornament Jewelry creative director and restaurateur got down on one knee for the public figure once she’d met not just his friends but also his family. Pradhyuman and Ashima actually tied the knot in early February 2022, so of course, they’re still blissfully married and simply enjoying each other’s company, all the while balancing their careers.

Are Viral and Aashay Still Together?

The moment Viral Joshi was introduced to us, she made it clear she was looking for an equal partnership and not her “other half” since she’s already a complete, confident, independent person. She hence did have a lengthy criteria list, yet despite meeting most of her requirements, neither Viral Kothari nor Jaymin Mehta was a good long-term match for her owing to that missing crucial spark.

That’s when Aashay Shah stepped into the picture, shortly after which the blend of their open conversations as well as evident attraction helped them develop a sincere, deep connection. So we’re glad to report that even though Clinical Researcher Viral resides in North Carolina, whereas optometrist Aashay is New York-based, it seems like they’re still happy together. The mutual follows on social media platforms, relatively recent posts from the same spot, along with their constant presence in the form of likes, just appear to be proof of the same.

Are Arshneel and Rinkle Still Together?

Arshneel Kochar can only be described as a down-to-earth, genuine, and kind cardiologist who admitted he prioritized his work over relationships/his personal life for the longest time. However, since he was finally more than ready to focus on himself, his desires, and his own joy alongside a partner as well as a best friend in one, Sima introduced him to Rinkle Goyal. That’s because the Indian emigrant dentist not just fulfilled most of his key criteria but her easy-going yet energetic personality also matched his to a pretty compelling extent.

The fact Rinkle had no qualms about potentially being with a turban-wearing Sikh — she’d experienced the Punjabi culture firsthand back in India — was a massive plus for Arshneel as well. Yet unfortunately, as the Cleveland resident is not on any online platforms and the Chicago/Mumbai local keeps her profiles private, we have no way of even guessing their current status. We can honestly only assume they’re still together owing to their undeniably promising initial journey, but it’s simply our optimistic hope.

Are Shital and Niraj Still Together?

With Shital being the paradigm of modern women — ambitious, confident, as well as hardworking — she knew what she wanted and made it known she would (understandably) never settle for less. Thus, of course, once she realized she felt no natural attraction towards Viral Kothari or Aparna Shewakramani’s cousin Avinash Shingwani, she decided not to move any further with them. She did struggle a little since they were good, warm-hearted people, especially the latter, yet everything did work out in the end.

That’s because Shital soon met Miami-based oncologist and choreographer Niraj Mehta through her sister, following which they quickly fell hard and fast for one another. We’re hence glad to report they’re still together, as evidenced by their public Instagram accounts, where they often share cozy pictures/videos on their stories — they haven’t gone feed official as of writing. But despite the long distance, the New York corporate employee (strategic sales at an energy company), evolving public figure, and entrepreneur with her own organic snacks line indeed looks content at the moment.

Where is Aparna Shewakramani Now?

Although Aparna Shewakramani is single these days, she remains hopeful regarding her quest for true love as she does believe the most significant people can come into your life anywhere, at any time. The “recovering” headstrong attorney continues to be extremely busy, however, because she’s not just a world traveler but also an entrepreneur as well as an author, primarily residing in New York City. Aparna owns the luxurious travel-lifestyle business My Golden Balloon, she has evolved into an ambassador for strong women worldwide, and her memoir is aptly entitled ‘She’s Unlikeable: And Other Lies that Bring Women Down’ (published March 2022).

Where is Nadia Jagessar Now?

Nadia Jagessar’s time on ‘Indian Matchmaking’ wasn’t entirely successful, yet it does seem like the process opened a lot of doors for her both on a personal as well as a professional level. After all, she has grown internally, has managed to expand her Euphoria Events enterprise, has started working as a fragrance marketer for Givaudan, and even gave a TEDx speech back in May 2022.

We should mention that while the New Jersey-based public figure hasn’t confirmed or denied anything as of essaying this piece, she has become quite close to Manav Gulati in the past few months. Nadia also attended the international premiere of ‘Darlings’ (a Netflix original Indian film) with him, captioning a picture, “Darlings premiere with my darling @manavgulatii,” as seen above.

Where is Akshay Dhumal Now?

Despite his appearance in the reality series, Akshay Dhumal actually leads a quiet life well away from the limelight — his Facebook profile is locked, and his Instagram account is private at the moment. Therefore, we only know the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University graduate continues to reside in Nashik, India, where he serves as the Executive Director of his family-run business, Dhumal Industries. He candidly admitted he was more than ready to find his life partner, get married, and settle down during his stint in the production, but it appears as if he’s still single.

Where is Vinesh Vasnani?

From what we can tell through his online presence, even though Vinesh “Vinny” Vasnani didn’t find his ideal match in the show, he and Mosum Parikh (not Meena Rai) still seem to be in touch. As for his whereabouts, the former New York-based Cyber Defense Specialist is working in Investment Banking down in Florida these days, all the while enjoying his personal life to the best of his abilities. From traveling to different areas to hanging out/partying with close friends to simply spending time with his adorable dog Baags (aka his son, Mr. Tuxedo), the Miami resident does it all.

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