Infested Ending, Explained: Does Kaleb Survive?

The French horror film, ‘Infested’ takes the viewers on a nightmarish ride ripe with arachnophobia imagery as actual giant deadly spiders become the monsters in the protagonists’ tale. The film is set in a rundown apartment populated with well-connected residents, with the narrative following the story of Kaleb, a bug enthusiast who unwittingly brings grave danger into his home. Consequently, once Kaleb’s deadly spider manages to escape its confinement, it breeds at a rapid evolutionary pace. Thus, the entire building begins crawling with eight-legged critters— in various hulking sizes.

With monstrous spiders blocking every exit, Kaleb and his friends must find a way to escape a gruesome fate. The film scrutinizes the natural horror and disgust associated with the arachnids and charts a story of survival. Naturally, viewers must be eager to learn more about the characters and their fates. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Infested Plot Synopsis

The story starts in a nondescript desert, where a bunch of men track down a spider nest buried under the sand. As the spiders scurry out of the ground, they ruthlessly attack one of the men to the point where his companions have to murder him in cold blood to spare him a cruel death. Even so, the deadly nature of the bugs doesn’t seem to bother the men as they bring it back to France and trade it at a shop. Eventually, the critter ends up catching the eye of Kaleb, a regular customer at Ali’s store.

Kaleb is highly invested in bugs and other creepy-crawling animals and holds many terrariums filled with exotic lizards and bugs in his room. As such, the man instantly bargains a deal for the enigmatic spider and takes it home with him. The spider’s smaller stature and quiet nature compel Kaleb to leave it in a shoe box before he rushes to attend the farewell party of a neighbor and family friend, Claudia. Consequently, while Kaleb is occupied with the party, the spider manages to slip away from the worn-down shoe box.

Kaleb returns to find his spider missing and frets over the same— particularly mad at his sister, who always shuts down the various temperature-moderating space heaters in his room. Nevertheless, Kaleb doesn’t think much of the spider’s escape and leaves to deliver a shoe order to a customer, TN, another building resident. However, once TN attempts to wear the shoes, he finds a spider inside, spelling the man’s death. Soon after, the persistent barks of his dog, Maggie, bring other neighbors to his door, leading to the discovery of his gruesome death.

Since the cause of TN’s death remains uncertain, the police quarantine the apartment dwellers in the building as they attempt to make sense of the scars and boils on the man’s body. As a result, Kaleb, his sister, Manon, Mathys, Jordy, and Lila return to the confinement of the siblings’ home. Meanwhile, the spider population continues to breed and grow in the building’s dark and damp corners, taking over the vents. After a giant spider slips into Kaleb’s bathroom and corners Lila, an arachnophobe, the group discovers the truly disastrous number of bugs living within the vents. Therefore, after sealing the bathroom shut, Jordy and the others— aware of Kaleb’s bug-related hobbies turn their suspicions on him.

Consequently, Kaleb and the others decide to leave the apartment despite the police’s rules. Still, Kaleb refuses to leave without his neighbors, even though most fail to take his warning seriously. Eventually, after arriving at Claudia’s door, Kaleb realizes the woman has fallen victim to the monstrous spiders as he witnesses a horde crawl out of her dead body. Thus, the group also realizes the drastic revolutionary capabilities of the Sicariidae spiders— who seem to grow bigger and bolder with each rapid generation.

As such, Kaleb and his friends have no choice but to flee at a moment’s time. Despite the numerous hurdles in their way— with the spiders having turned the building into their own terrifying nest in a matter of hours— the group manages to make it to the underground level to escape via the parking lot. Although the same requires them to shuffle through a darkened passageway, surrounded by spiders as giant as dogs, everyone— even Lila— manages to make it out. Nonetheless, new trouble awaits them on the other side as they find the door to the parking lot to be intentionally boarded by people on the other side.

Infested Ending: Why Did The Police Seal The Residents In The Building?

After braving the monstrous spider-infested building, Kaleb and his friends expect to find their freedom on the other side of the parking lot. However, try as they might, the parking lot door refuses to open. Thus, they realize faceless people are actively trapping them in the building, preventing their escape. As a result, due to their continued struggle, the spiders gain ground on the group, who barely manage to escape out of the room with their lives. Even so, one of them, Jordy, Lila’s boyfriend— and Kaleb’s ex-best friend— ends up losing his life to the spiders.

Worse yet, Kaleb and the others have to stay put on the other side of the door, hearing Jordy’s scream as he meets his brutal death. Although the morbid death puts a bleak filter over the group’s desire for survival, Mathys encourages them to keep moving. As such, the group moves up the stairs in the dark building, meeting a few critters at every corner. Eventually, they manage to make it to one of the homes, free of any bugs due to the owner’s paranoid tendency to keep the place covered with plastic. Yet the apartment unit only offers a moment of respite as a tactical team of police officers barge into the room through the window.

The cops aggressively engage with Kaleb and his already-spooked friends, resulting in a needless fight between the two groups. In the process, Kaleb ends up shooting an officer who was attempting to choke Mathys. Afterward, an attack results in Kaleb passing out, and he wakes in the parking lot surrounded by the police. Thus, he realizes it was the same police who prevented them from escaping earlier, directly contributing to Jordy’s death.

The primary detective attempts to justify their actions with flimsy excuses of protocols that demand entirely sealing the building. Still, Kaleb and the others can’t forgive them for their added aggravation, especially after learning they’re to blame for the electricity outage in the building due to their incompetency.

Do Kaleb and His Friends Survive?

Once under the police’s custody, Kaleb and his friends remain weary of their protection. The cops had prevented their escape once before, which resulted in Jordy’s death. For the same reason, everyone is reluctant to put their lives in the authority’s hands again. Moreover, Kaleb realizes another pressing issue looms over his group. As it would turn out, a spider bit Mathys, who kept it a secret to ensure everyone else continued to fight for their survival. As such, in the building’s parking lot, Mathys decides to make one last sacrifice for his friends and runs into a door to cause a distraction.

Consequently, a horde of spiders emerges into the yet-sterile parking lot, attacking the officers. The incident also offers just enough of a distraction for Kaleb, Manon, and Lila to escape. The trio has to swerve and slide out of the way of many dangerous critters. Yet, they managed to break into a car and drive out to the garage door. However, at the finish line, one last nemesis– a giant spider awaits them. Nonetheless, Kaleb equips a different strategy this time and decides to face the bug head-on.

The narrative repeatedly establishes Kaleb’s love for bugs. Still, as his building comes overrun with deadly spiders, the man has no choice but to villainize the insects. Therefore, in the end, he returns to his roots, emerging from the car and instructing Lila to turn off the headlights currently confronting the photophobic spider. Once the light is gone and Kaleb and the others refrain from making a first move, the spider— large enough to block their car’s passage— simply walks away.

As such, Kaleb manages to survive and escape from the apartment with Lila and Manon. In the aftermath of the spider breakout, the building ends up getting demolished to prevent any surviving critters from breaching containment. Meanwhile, Kaleb refuses to become vengeful even after losing his friends to a spider infestation. He demonstrates the same in the story’s climax, where Kaleb buries a memorabilia in Jordy’s honor and decides against killing a regular spider that he comes across in the forest.

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