Ingrid and Leandro: Is the Love is Blind Brazil Couple Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Brazil’ presents a unique challenge to couples by having them stay together as fiancés after meeting only once before engagement. This spontaneous and otherworldly concept is not easy to manifest into something tangible, but in the fourth season, Ingrid Santa Rita and Leandro Marçal showed glimpses that a genuine connection was possible and could flourish with grace. Ingrid and Leandro shared their vulnerabilities openly and talked honestly about their feelings. They actively worked to nurture and develop their connection, prompting fans to rally behind them and dubbing them the strongest couple of the season.

Ingrid and Leandro Took Time to Know Each Other

Ingrid shared that she had never been married and became a mother at 19. When she joined the season, she had two daughters, aged 21 and 14, and she felt that her life had turned out as well as possible. However, she still wanted to find a husband and a lifelong companion. On the other hand, Leandro Marçal was in a very different stage of life. He had been divorced just four months before entering the season but felt that he had moved on and was ready for a more serious and compatible commitment. The two of them eventually found their way to each other, and it took some time before they began opening up to one another.

The two of them bonded over their shared values and their priorities but had a breakthrough when Leandro finally opened up to Ingrid and expressed his true feelings. From then on, they didn’t hesitate in their relationship. They quickly got engaged, and seeing each other in person confirmed all the feelings they had developed. They promptly embarked on their honeymoon, relishing the alone time they desired to deepen their conversations. They introduced each other to their families and even though some conversations about financial security and compatibility with their families. Still, after walking down the aisle and seeing Leandro waiting for her, Ingrid said, “I Do,” and the the two got married.

Ingrid and Leandro Are No Longer in a Relationship

Fans of Ingrid Santa Rita and Leandro Marçal may be disappointed to learn that the couple has not stayed together. They have seemingly cut off contact with each other’s lives and do not follow each other on social media. In the reunion Ingrid discussed how their sexual incompatibilities were a great point of contention in their relationship and it persisted through their marriage. She even said that Leandro had not been very contributing to setting up a house together and alleged that he forced himself upon her one time. She shared that she has been going through a tough time and has many insights to share about her wedding and what actually happened but for the time, she has requested some peace. her fans have expressed concern for her and even some of her co-stars have extended a hand of support. There might be more to the story, but for now it is most likely that things soured between her and Leandro.

Ingrid is Enjoying Life With Her Daughters

Ingrid Santa Rita has established herself as an architect and entrepreneur by founding her own business, Makeda Arquitetura, to expand her opportunities. She has settled in Osasco, Brazil, with her two daughters, Maria Eduardo Santa Rita and Rafaela Pretaa, who bring immense fulfillment to her life. The trio is frequently seen on holidays together, dressed in stylish attire and enjoying moments of fun and dancing, mainly showcasing their bond during their time in São Paulo.

In addition to her architectural pursuits, Ingrid is a digital influencer with around 13k followers on Instagram. She collaborates with studios like Fio de Rainha and participates in culturally significant events such as the Feira Preta Festival. Her attendance at Sao Paulo Fashion Week in April 2024 highlights the diverse dimensions of her life. Ingrid’s success inspires, demonstrating that women like her can achieve success in multiple facets of life.

Leandro is Focusing on His Work as a Trainer

Leandro is a personal trainer who dedicates much of his focus to reaching out to children, individuals with health conditions, and especially the elderly. He champions physical health and fitness, believing these foundations stem from inner peace and mental stability. Utilizing his social platforms, he educates about self-care for men and is actively building a digital profile, too. He frequently shares videos of exercise routines that he follows in the hope that they might help someone else, too.

Beyond fitness, Leandro is deeply passionate about advocating for the rights of the Black population. He frequently shares his insights and opinions on racial discrimination and oppression to raise awareness and foster meaningful discussions. Leandro takes great pride in his legacy and is committed to protecting and preserving it, advocating for justice and equity in his community.

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