Interview with the Vampire Season 3 Starts Filming in Prague and Paris in the Fall

The bloodthirsty vampires from ‘Interview with the Vampire’ are going to keep on haunting Prague and Paris for a second consecutive season! The filming of the third installment of the AMC gothic horror series will start in the capital cities of France and the Czech Republic in the fall. Rolin Jones, who developed the series based on the novel series ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ by Anne Rice, continues to serve as the showrunner, with Jonathan Ceniceroz and Dave Harris returning as writers.

The second season concludes the events in ‘Interview with the Vampire,’ the inaugural entry in Rice’s novel series. The installment leaves the original backdrop of New Orleans as Louis and Claudia arrive in Europe, advancing their plans to get rid of Lestat. The duo enters Théâtre des Vampires in Paris, where Louis’ relationship with Armand develops, resulting in tragic outcomes impacting both past and future events.

The final episodes leave viewers heartbroken as Claudia is exposed to sunlight and reduced to ash. The present-day scenes that feature Daniel Molloy going through the preserved copy of Claudia’s diary nod to some of the most crucial plot points in the story so far, fueling the trial. The sham trial orchestrated by Santiago, the taunting audience, and the brutal punishments for Louis, Claudia, and Madeleine set the stage for the season 2 finale, which will be aired on June 30, 2024.

The third season is set to draw inspiration from Rice’s follow-up book ‘The Vampire Lestat.’ The official logline reveals that Lestat will form a band and will go on tour, incorporating characters such as Gabrielle, Nicholas, Magnus, Marius, and the duo of Akasha and Enkil. The storyline will also feature Louis, Armand, journalist Daniel Molloy, and others who have not been named. The logline reads, “No Auto-Tuning. No Trigger Warnings. All Feels Amplified,” teasing an exciting and emotionally charged season.

As far as the cast of the third installment is concerned, Sam Reid is expected to return as Lestat de Lioncourt, alongside Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac. The return of Assad Zaman as Armand and Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy is more or less guaranteed, considering the source material of the upcoming season. Delainey Hayles is unlikely to return, given Claudia’s fate at the end of the second installment.

The new season’s filming locations in Prague and Paris are expected to enhance the story’s signature gothic appeal, thanks to the historical architecture and sites. Other projects recently shot in Paris include the movies ‘Bastion 36’ and ‘Under Paris,’ while the Matthias Schoenaerts-starrer biopic ‘Phoenix’ will join the production of ‘Interview With the Vampire’ season 3 in the fall in the French city. On the other hand, Prague previously hosted the shooting of Starz’s ‘Outlander‘ and Prime Video’s ‘The Wheel of Time.’

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