Black Mirror Season 7 Starts Filming in London in November

The filming of the seventh season of Netflix’s anthology series ‘Black Mirror’ is set to commence in London, England, in November. Charlie Brooker, who created the series, continues to serve as the head writer. The premiere of the six-part installment will be helmed by Toby Haynes, with David Slade on board to direct the second episode. The season is scheduled to come out in 2025.

In the sixth installment, a diverse array of intriguing narratives unfold. A woman is taken aback to find her life adapted into a prestigious TV drama on a global streaming platform. A young couple’s journey to a quaint Scottish town for a nature documentary leads them into a gripping local mystery. Set in an alternate 1969, two men embark on a perilous high-tech mission, grappling with the aftermath of a tragic event. In another episode, a troubled starlet faces relentless paparazzi intrusion following a hit-and-run incident. Lastly, in 1979 Northern England, a timid sales assistant gets coerced into committing heinous acts to avert a catastrophe.

The seventh season of ‘Black Mirror’ is anticipated to maintain its hallmark anthology format, with each episode revolving around a distinct story. The first episode, titled ‘Ring of Truth,’ revolves around Verity and Maria, who work together at Savorita, an international snack company. As Verity’s popularity at the company grows, Maria begins to unravel.

The installment will also include a sequel to the season 4 episode ‘USS Callister.’ “USS Callister will return… Robert Daly is dead, but for the crew of the USS Callister, their problems are just beginning,” teases the official synopsis. This marks the first time the series has delved into sequel territory. As far as the rest of the season is concerned, plot details remain under wraps.

Rosy McEwen (‘The Alienist’ and ‘Close to Me’) and Siena Kelly (‘Adult Material’) are set to star as Verity and Maria respectively in the first episode of the upcoming installment. Considering the sequel to ‘USS Callister,’ the potential return of certain actors from that episode, such as Cristin Milioti as Nanette Cole, Jimmi Simpson as James Walton, Michaela Coel as Shania Lowry, Billy Magnussen as Valdack, Milanka Brooks as Elena Tulaska, Osy Ikhile as Nate Packer, and Paul G Raymond as Kabir Dudani, are possible. The rest of the cast of the season is currently under wraps. The sixth installment featured renowned performers such as Aaron Paul and Salma Hayek.

London has previously hosted the shooting of the show. The region is also a significant location of other Netflix projects such as ‘Damsel‘ and ‘The Gentlemen.’

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