Invasion Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Invasion’ is not necessarily about what the show’s title might make you think. It’s doesn’t focus on some apocalyptic war between humanity and its extra-terrestrial enemy. Instead, it focuses on microcosmic stories, depicting how ordinary people’s lives would be affected in such an extraordinary situation.

In episode 4, Casper (Billy Barratt) leads the stranded students’ efforts to get out of the hole. Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna) goes to see Murai’s father, Ikuro (Togo Igawa). Ward (Shamier Anderson) discovers that one of his crew members might be alive. Halfway across the world, Luke (Azhy Robertson) runs away after his parents start fighting again. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ episode 4. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Invasion Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4, titled ‘The King Is Dead,’ begins with Casper. He wakes up to receive bleak news from Jamila (India Brown): their teacher died during the night. As the others wake up and deal with their grief, they also realize that no help is coming and they will probably die inside the hole.

When Monty tries to bully other children into doing what he says, Casper stands up to him, declaring that he is taking his vote back. Monty reveals the truth about Casper’s mother’s condition and how his father was responsible for it to mock and humiliate Casper. However, it has the opposite effect from what Monty has probably hoped. Casper walks straight to the walls of the cliff and begins climbing.

As the other students wait with bated breath, he makes it to the top. Soon, others start climbing as well. When all of them have come up, they find the debris from a Russian satellite. Jamila is the first to make the connection and assures Casper that it wasn’t his fault that the accident happened; the bus veered off the road because their teacher was trying to avoid the falling debris.

As Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) escapes northwards with her family, she goes through Ahmed’s (Firas Nassar) phone and discovers that Amanda, her husband’s lover, is pregnant. She confronts Ahmed, and during their argument, Luke runs away. They later find him at the home of an older couple, who let them stay at their house.

Following his Afghan savior for two days, Ward finds himself standing in the middle of nowhere. But the other man is entirely exuberant, having located his lost herd of goats. Suddenly, Ward’s locator beacon starts beeping, indicating that one of his crew members is nearby. He traces the signal to the basement of a hospital and finds Chavez to be still alive. But then the Afghan fighters arrive, and Ward has no choice but to get Chavez out of there.

While visiting Murai’s father, Mitsuki learns that he and Murai hadn’t spoken to each other for several years. Initially, she erroneously believes that was because Ikuro was against Murai’s sexual orientation, but later discovers that the father and daughter stopped speaking because Murai hid the truth about who she was from the rest of the world. He recognizes who Mitsuki was to his daughter and expresses his happiness that there was someone with whom Murai could be herself.

Invasion Episode 4 Ending: Does Casper Have Visions about the Aliens?

It seems that Casper is somehow connected to the extra-terrestrial entities invading Earth. The media still thinks that the terrorists or rogue states are behind the recent attacks all over the globe. The governments probably know a bit more than that, but they haven’t acknowledged anything. Meanwhile, Casper seems to have visions about his immediate future, which he draws in his sketchbook.

Casper drew the hole long before he and the other students were trapped in there. In this episode, it is revealed that he also drew the sign of the wreckage of the Russian satellite. There are also drawings of unknown creatures in that sketchbook. The implication here is that Casper has developed a link with these other-worldly beings and will play a pivotal role in their defeat.

Casper takes a step toward that by standing up to Monty. After they get out of the hole, Monty still tries to control the other students and make them stay where they are. But Casper and others want to leave and head toward home. When Monty threatens Casper, the latter reminds him that he (Monty) has already done his worst and told the others about his mother. Like any other bully, Monty threatens physical violence when intimidation doesn’t work. But it also proves ineffective as Casper now has the support of the rest of the students. They all leave with Casper, and Monty is forced to follow them.

What Does Murai’s Father Find Out?

Ikuro used to be a radio engineer and worked at JASA. After learning that there is a recording of his daughter’s last moments, Ikuro says he wants to hear it. As it happens, Mitsuki has brought a copy of it with her. Ikuro plays the recording on his instrument and then increases the frequency, and suddenly, the soil around a potted plant starts shifting and taking a particular shape.

Ikuro then asks Mitsuki whether JASA has bigger speakers, Mitsuki confirms that they do. He likely wants her to go back to JASA headquarters and amplify the recording to see its effects on the soil. Mitsuki already thinks that something destroyed the space shuttle. This experiment will probably help her with her case.

Is Chavez Dead?

Yes, Chavez is dead. Following the signal on the locator beacon, Ward finds him in the basement of the hospital. This is the first time Ward has had a chance to speak to someone about what he experienced in the desert. And Chavez was right there with him. As they continue their efforts to process everything they saw, the Afghan rebel fighters arrive. Ward tries to get his friend out of the hospital and to safety. But by the time he has put Chavez on the backseat of a car, the latter has already died. Inside Ward, grief and fury then meld into one, and he kills every single one of the attackers before driving away with the lifeless body of his friend.

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