Invasion Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Invasion’ is definitely a slow-burn series. It devotes time and care to developing its characters before exposing them to the sci-fi element of the story. In episode 5, Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) goes to look for provisions and runs into some soldiers, who, upon learning that she is a doctor, ask for her help. Ward (Shamier Anderson) returns to the base to find it empty and later discovers that it has been evacuated.

Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna) once more breaks into the JASA headquarters to speak to her supervisor, Akira Hashimoto, about Murai’s father’s findings. Casper (Billy Barratt) and his group come across a candy truck and must make a crucial decision. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ episode 5. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Invasion Episode 5 Recap

In episode 5, titled ‘Going Home,’ Ward reaches the base with Chavez’s body to find it empty. He tries to use the communication devices there to connect with the outside, but nothing seems to work. He eventually finds some papers in the garbage can that tell him that the troops were evacuated to the Kabul Airbase following an encounter with an unknown hostile force. Ward buries Chavez and continues his attempts to contact the outside world. He eventually manages to get through to his estranged wife and finds out that the entire world has been affected by strange events.

Aneesha and her family learn that provisions are running out for the kind, elderly couple that took them in. When Ahmed voices his reluctance to visit the nearest grocery store — using his children as an excuse to hide his cowardice — Aneesha volunteers. However, when she gets to the store, she finds the shelves to be empty.

A group of soldiers arrives, and when they learn that Aneesha is a doctor, they ask for her help, promising that they will give her whatever she requires in return. After Aneesha agrees, she is sent to a military base with other health professionals to treat the wounded. She meets David, an orthopedic surgeon, and introduces herself as Angela Lockhart, claiming that she works at the pediatrics department of NYU Medical.

Casper and his friends find an abandoned truck on the road, filled with candies and bottles of water. The teenagers start to understand that something horrible has happened to the world while they were stuck in that hole. It is revealed that Monty was being partly truthful when he spoke about his family to Casper. While his father hasn’t left the family, he still has a series of affairs with his secretaries.

Invasion Episode 5 Ending: What Announcement Does the US President Make?

In its fifth episode, ‘Invasion’ finally acknowledges that an extra-terrestrial species has come to Earth, and their presence is causing the unnatural events happening across the planet. The US President appears on television and delivers a statement that is broadcast in over a hundred languages. She tells the world that humanity is being visited by an alien species whose intention is yet unknown. She implores all people to come together and help each other.

This revelation seems to have different effects on different protagonists. Ward vows to return home to his wife. Aneesha, who just saved a man’s life from an alien parasite, embraces her identity as a doctor. Meanwhile, Mitsuki believes that Murai is still alive. As people from NASA arrive at the JASA headquarters to take over the operation, Hashimoto gives his ID to Mitsuki, so she can take the equipment she needs and find out whether her intuition is correct.

Why Doesn’t Monty Want to Go Back Home?

Beyond the façade he puts on as a bully, Monty is an angry and fearful young man. His father’s actions disgust him, but he can’t do anything about it, being as young as he is. This is why he shows no desire to leave when he, Casper, and the others get trapped in the hole and even actively sabotages some of the attempts. In episode 5, after realizing that something massive and terrible has happened, he verbally lashes out against all the adults in the world.

This diatribe helps him overcome his immaturity. The teenagers face another important choice: whether to stay close to the truck where food and water are readily available and wait for the rescuers to arrive or continue on their path to home. While most of them decide to stay back, Casper, Jamila, and a few others leave. And much to the surprise of many in the group, Monty joins them.

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