Invasion Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

Although ‘Invasion’ is undeniably a sci-fi series, its narrative is firmly rooted in human drama. In episode 8, titled ‘Contact,’ Ward (Shamier Anderson) arrives in London but can’t yet find a way to make it across the Atlantic Ocean and get to his wife. The Japanese and American authorities learn that Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna) is the only person who can communicate with the aliens. Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) and Burton grow close, and Luke seems to sense it. Back in London, Casper (Billy Barratt) discovers that an alien killed his mother. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Invasion Episode 8 Recap

After landing at the airport in London, Ward tries to convince the commanding officer there to get him a seat on a plane traveling to America but learns all flights have been canceled. He is subsequently given a sidearm and sent away. Meanwhile, Casper reaches his home with Jamila and finds his mother’s remains. As he grieves, he becomes angry and ashamed for not doing anything to stop the invasion. When Jamila asks what he could have possibly done, Casper shows her some of the other sketches he has drawn, in which he seems to have documented people’s encounters with the aliens without physically being there.

However, Casper can only access this state when he is having a seizure. He persuades Jamila to take him to her mother, who works at a hospital, so that they can initiate an artificial seizure and he can communicate with the aliens. On their way, they run into Ward at a bar. They show him the drawings, and ward realizes that one of them is about his and his unit’s encounter with the alien spaceship. Ward’s initial reluctance vanishes, and he agrees to help Casper and Jamila.

At the makeshift shelter, Barton offers Aneesha things missing from her relationship with Ahmed for a long time — compassion, admiration, and love. They kiss, and she tells him about the artifact with which she killed the alien. Elsewhere in the facility, Luke meets a boy of his age, who guides him to a room where the remains of the victims of the aliens are kept. Toward the end of the episode, Aneesha finds her entire family in that room. Luke has gotten the artifact out, and the otherworldly substance that generally covers the victims of the aliens is reacting to it.

At the space observation center in Japan, it quickly becomes apparent that Mitsuki has established the only channel of communication with the aliens. However, neither she nor any of the linguists brought there can decipher the language that the aliens are using to communicate with each other. It’s simply is too complex and diverse for human understanding.

Invasion Episode 8 Ending: Is Hinata Murai Still Alive?

In the inaugural episode, the Hoshi, the JASA space shuttle Hinata and her crewmates were on, is destroyed due to an encounter with an alien spaceship, devastating Hinata’s girlfriend, Mitsuki. Since then, Mitsuki has embarked on a journey of her own in search of truth. She comes to the space observation center with Hinata’s father, Ikuro, and her friend Daisuke in the hopes that she can contact Hoshi by using the radio telescope there. However, as mentioned above, while she does establish contact with Hoshi, and by extension, the aliens, who now have the shuttle, neither she nor anyone else present at the center can decipher the alien language.

So, she transforms all the videos and photos she has of Hinata into the alien codes and sends them. Soon, she gets a response in a voice sounding distinctively like Hinata. Now, this can indeed be the former captain of Hoshi. She is somehow still alive and has found a way to respond to Mitsuki’s messages. Or, this can be the aliens pretending to be Hinata, intending to garner valuable information about humanity from Mitsuki. Either way, it probably will not matter to the American military officers present at the site. For the first time, they know where the enemy is and will seek to target it with nuclear weapons. The life of one astronaut is immaterial to them when the fate of the rest of the world hangs in the balance.

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