Invasion Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Does Aneesha Find Sarah?

The second season of Apple TV+’s sci-fi drama series ‘Invasion‘ follows a segregated group of survivors attempting to find a solution to a hostile alien invasion. In season 2, Jamila and her friends’ search for Caspar concludes, but a new problem arises for the group. Meanwhile, Trevante makes a daring decision to discover a mysterious phenomenon. At the same time, Aneesha and the Movement continue their search for Sarah. As a result, viewers must be curious to learn whether Aneesha’s quest results in success or failure. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ season 2, episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Invasion Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode, titled ‘Down the Rabbit Hole,’ opens with Trevante and Rose continuing their research into the missing people and their connection with Caspar’s drawings. Rose suspects the drawings are somehow connected to the numbers on the missing posters. After some inspection, Rose and Trevante deduce that the locations where the people were abducted are connected and form a pattern similar to a spiral drawn by Caspar. Therefore, Rose and Trevante travel to the spiral’s center to find more answers.

The duo’s search leads them to Ben Shelton’s farm, where they notice the military has created a base of operations. As a result, Trevante suspects the military is protecting something special at the base. While Rose tries to record footage of the base, she is spotted by an officer, forcing her and Trevante to flee the scene and save their lives. In the process, Trevante and Rose get separated, but Rose discovers a giant blue hole at the center of the farm. Trevante reveals Caspar had drawn something similar.

With the military still after them, Trevante and Rose seek shelter with a woman named Marlene. Eventually, Rose reveals that Marlene is her sister-in-law. Rose was married to Billy, Marlene’s brother. Over the years, their marriage had suffered, and the couple was headed for a divorce. However, Billy disappeared shortly after the aliens arrived, and Rose has been searching for her husband ever since. At the same time, Trevante shares a story of his war experiences to comfort Rose.

Meanwhile, Jamila, Monty, Penny, and Alife wander the streets of Paris after renting with Caspar Morrow. However, Caspar does not recall the events leading to the hospital attack. As a result, Monty becomes suspicious of Caspar’s actions. Caspar reveals the existence of other socially gifted children at the hospital who were being experimented upon and claims they could be the key to stopping the alien invasion. While searching for food, the group encounters an alien.

Caspar inadvertently leads the group to the alien, forcing Jamila and Monty to deduce a last-minute escape plan. Hence, Monty becomes more suspicious of Caspar. Later, Jamila helps Caspar regain some of his memories, and they kiss. Elsewhere, the Movement continues its search for Aneesha’s daughter, Sarah. However, after the group’s near-fatal alteration with the hunter-killers, Hanley and the others refuse to trust Aneesha. The group argues that Luke’s connection with the aliens could land them in danger, and risking the group’s lives to save one person seems unfair.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 7 Ending: Does Aneesha Find Sarah?

After the search for Sarah drives a rift with the Movement, Aneesha decides to part ways with them. However, Clark convinces Aneesha that she needs the group’s help if she hopes to find her daughter. Aneesha delivers a rousing speech to the Movement members that helps them emphasize her situation. Therefore, they agree to risk their lives to find Sarah. After recruiting the group to her cause, Aneesha travels to the military base in search of Sarah. Clark leads a recon mission, and the Movement members gather information about the military base. Later, the group formulates a plan to infiltrate the military base.

Ultimately, Aneesha and the Movement successfully infiltrated the military base. A fight erupts between the Movement members and the soldiers at the base. The Movement members quickly overpower the soldiers and capture the base. Aneesha and Clark find the highest-ranking officer at the base and interrogate him about Sarah’s whereabouts. However, the officer refuses to answer any of their questions. As a result, Aneesha prepares to use her medical knowledge to torture the officer into providing her answers. The officer reveals that Sarah is not at the base but does not provide any clarification.

A report found at the base confirms the officer’s words and reveals Sarah has been taken to another base named Project Idabel. However, the officer warns the group that Project Idabel is no ordinary military base and is ground zero for alien activity. Moreover, the officer also claims that if Sarah had been taken there, she might not have survived. The episode ends with Annesha and the Movement receiving a new lead in their search for Sarah, but the task is seemingly complicated because of the nature of Project Idabel. At the same time, Trevante tries to sneak into Ben Shelton’s farm and sees a young girl being dragged inside. Thus, the closing scene implies that the farm is “Project Idabel,” and the Movement will likely meet Trevante in their search for Sarah.

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