Invasion Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

Apple TV+’s ‘Invasion‘ is a science-fiction series created by Simon Kinberg and David Weil. The show’s second season follows a group of humans as they try to survive after a hostile alien invasion threatening to take over the planet. In the second episode, the focus shifts away from the Maliks and Mitsuki and reintroduces viewers to Trevante Cole and Jamila Huston. The duo is inexplicably drawn to certain locations as they sense the presence of their friend, Caspar. If you are wondering if they find Caspar, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invasion’ season 2 episode 2! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Invasion Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The second episode, titled ‘Chasing Ghosts,’ opens with Jamila Huston hearing Caspar’s voice, who seemingly died while saving humans from the aliens. Jamila frantically searches for Caspar only to realize she has been dreaming. Jamila lives with her family in Wellingborough, England, where she reveals her dreams to her mother. She convinces her mother that Caspar played a role in stopping the roles and believes her friend is still alive. However, Jamila’s mother refuses to believe that Caspar is alive.

Elsewhere, Trevante Cole, who helped Caspar and Jamila in their fight against the aliens, is living with his sister’s family in Florida. However, Trevante appears pessimistic about humanity’s chances against the aliens. While at a party, Trevante’s nephew, Jordan, falls into the pool and almost drowns to his death. Trevante saves Jordan but has an outburst that confirms his fears about the alien invasion. Later, Trevante goes out to make a supply run but spends time at a cyber center using the internet to research seizures caused by the aliens.

Meanwhile, Jamila discovers that the aliens have destroyed safe zones outside London, and the air has turned toxic. Jamila encounters a homeless man stealing supplies for his family and allows him to leave after he tells her about the reddening of the moon. After Trevante returns home, he gets into an argument with his sister. Trevante’s sister argues that most humans want to spend time with their families amidst the threat of alien invasion. However, she believes that Trevante’s fight lies outside the confines of the safe zone’s community. Therefore, she asks Trevante to fight the war, seemingly consuming his thoughts every passing moment.

Elsewhere, Jamila leaves the safe zone and searches for Caspar. She leaves a letter for her mother, claiming that finding Caspar could be humanity’s best chance of surviving the invasion. As Jamila traverses through the wastelands, she is encountered by two soldiers. The soldiers reveal the hospital she is searching for has been closed down. Moreover, the toxic air in the area is harmful to her. However, when the soldiers try to take Jamila to a safe zone, she flees and escapes into the wastelands, finding her own way.

Trevante continues searching the internet for clues about Caspar’s seizures and spiral drawings. His research directs Trevante to McCurtain County in Oklahoma, where a spiral similar to the drawings was discovered. As a result, Trevante leaves Florida and travels to Oklahoma, hoping to find further clues. On the other hand, Jamila’s quest to find Caspar results in disappointment when she arrives at the hospital to discover Caspar has moved away.

Trevante seemingly converses with Caspar, who is alive but still recovering from his injuries. After arriving at McCurtain County, Trevante discovers the area is fortified with military presence and highly guarded. Trevante dresses in his army uniform and uses his military background to infiltrate the military base. However, Trevante’s lie about the unit he belongs to is caught, and the soldiers arrest him. Trevante is locked up in the facility and searches for a way out. At the same time, Jamila believes Caspar could be in danger and finds an important clue that could lead her to him.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 2 Ending: Does Jamila Find Caspar?

In the episode, Jamila searches for Caspar after she has a series of dreams and visions about Caspar being in danger. After events from her visions start materializing, she believes Caspar is calling out to her. Therefore, Jamila ventures out into the unknown by herself to find Caspar. Eventually, Jamila discovers Caspar has been shifted to a different hospital in Paris, France. However, she does not have a way of traveling from London to Paris. She stops at a nearby refugee camp and finds her friends Alfie and Darwin. After much deliberation, Alfie and Darwin agree to aid Jamila in her search for Caspar. The trio’s search for a mode of transportation leads them to a mansion.

In the garage, they find several cars and attempt to steal one. However, Alfie and Darwin accidentally trigger the car’s alarm, alternating the house owners. Jamila is surprised to find she is in the house of Montgomery “Monty” Cuttermill, her former classmate who bullied Caspar. Jamila learns that Monty and his younger sister, Penny, are holed up in the mansion, waiting for their parents to return. However, Jamila convinces that staying in the danger zone will not benefit Monty and Penny and asks them to travel with the group to Paris. Monty reveals his father has an apartment in Paris and agrees to drive the group to the city. The episode ends with Jamila, Monty, Penny, Alfie, and Darwin setting out from England on a journey to France in search of Caspar.

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