Invasion Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Mitsuki’s Discovery

In the second season of Apple TV+’s ‘Invasion,’ humanity decides to strike back at the aliens after Mitsuki Yamato decodes a method to find their spacecraft. In the fifth episode, the aliens return stronger than ever, and the mystery about their attack on the planet only deepens when Mitsuki stumbles upon a strange occurrence. Meanwhile, Aneesha struggles to trust the Movement, and Trevante continues his search for answers. If you are wondering what Mitsuki saw in the pod and what her discovery means, here is a recap and answers about the ending of ‘Invasion’ season 2, episode 5! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Invasion Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode, titled ‘A Voice From the Other Side,’ opens with a couple, Lisa and Martin, experiencing a strange occurrence at their remote house. Martin hears an uncanny voice and follows it outside the house, only for a strange entity to later attack the couple. Meanwhile, members of the Movement, Aneesha and Luke, search for Sarah, who goes missing while the group fends off an alien attack. The group discovers footprints that indicate the military took Sarah away.

Elsewhere, President Benya Mabote speaks with Nikhil and reveals the existence of a new, deadlier breed of aliens that are pure predators. The new aliens are dubbed “Hunter-killers” and have proven immune to fire and other biochemical weapons. However, Nikhil reassures the President that they will find a way to defeat the Hunter-killers. Meanwhile, Mitsuki offers to converse with the aliens again to find a weakness. Nikhil gives Mitsuki full control over research, but Maya objects that overexposure to the alien technology could harm Mitsuki’s health. However, Nikhil argues that they must do anything to fight back, and Mitsuki is their only tool.

On the other hand, Rachel, a movement member, reveals she saw a military convoy headed South. Clark deduces that the military convoy must be headed to Camp Pierce. However, Clark is cautioned that the Hunter-killers are known to be active in the area near the military base. Tensions rise within the group when it is implied that Aneesha is hiding something. Clark tries to coerce the truth from Aneesha, and she shares her tragic backstory. Aneesha explains that her only goal is to protect her children.

Meanwhile, Rose Callaway has teamed up in Ohio with Trevante, helping him hide from the military. Rose identifies one of the locations in Caspar’s drawings and drives Trevante to the location. Mitsuki realizes that the alien has been trying to communicate and wants to provoke it. Luke reveals to Ryder that the alien metal shard is why the military took Sarah. However, Hanley overhears the conversation and exposes Aneesha’s true identity to Clark, who reveals he already knew the truth and kept it a secret.

Rose and Trevante arrive at a farm with a scarecrow that resembles Caspar’s drawings. After looking around, the duo discovers Martin sitting outside his house and preparing the word “Wajo.” Rose and Trevante learn from Martin about a place called the Up, where the aliens presumably took his wife, Lisa. Martin also reveals briefly glimpsing the Up and seeing a person named Billy. After Rose and Trevante help Martin get to safety, Rose breaks down after hearing Billy’s name. At the same time, Aneesha thanks Clark for covering up for her and decides to place her trust in Clark and the Movement.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 5 Ending: Who Is the Young Girl? What Does Mitsuki Find?

In the episode’s final act, Mitsuki confronts the alien entity inside the mothership. She plans on using frequencies to provoke the alien entity and force it to converse with her. Mitsuki plans to provoke the entity so that she can find a way to defeat the newer, more deadlier species of aliens that are tormenting the Earth. However, what Mitsuki learns during her time in the pod will change humanity’s perception of the alien invaders trying to destroy their planet.

After Mitsuki starts provoking the entity using shrill frequencies, which hurt the entity, it slowly reveals itself. It takes the form of a young girl who seemingly knows about Mitsuki’s past. Mitsuki tries to learn why the entity is attacking her planet. However, the entity, in its girl form, does not answer. Instead, she tells Mitsuki a story about her past. As a result, Mitsul realizes that her lover, Hinata, is speaking to her. The young girl is Hinata, but Mitsuki cannot determine whether her lover is still alive or if it is the alien’s trick.

When the entity coerces Mitsuki into establishing physical contact with its fluid form, Mitsuki extends her arm. The entity envelopes Mitsuki, and she begins to have seizures, forcing Maya to break protocol to protect Mitsuki. While Maya races to get Mitsuki out of the pod, Mitsuki sees an opening at the end of the tunnel, with a voice calling out to her. The voice is none other than Caspar Morrow, who has been stuck in limbo with part of his conscience in the alien world. As Mitsuki reaches out to help Caspar, Maya pulls her out of the pod.

The episode ends with Mitsuki passing out after warning Maya and Nikhil about the aliens. Mitsuki’s discovery of the alien shifting forms implies that the creatures are much smarter than they appear. Moreover, the episode also proves that the aliens can adapt to any plan of attack humanity devises to defeat them. However, the episode’s ending strongly implies that there is a larger conspiracy and the alien invasion’s true purpose might be something else entirely. To find the answers, the scattered forces working to find answers will have to unite and retrieve Caspar, who once again seems to be the key to everything.

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