Is Casper Dead or Alive in Invasion? Why Does He See Ikuro in His Vision?

Casper Morrow (Billy Barratt) is one of the four main characters of the Apple TV+ series’ Invasion.’ He is a British teenager who is forced to endure abuse at the hands of his father and brothers at home and a bully at school. Casper has always been different. He often has seizures, and they can sometimes be quite severe. Casper gets visions during these seizures and later discovers that his brain has somehow tapped into the communication channel of the aliens. His seizures offer him a window to the actions of the extra-terrestrials.

Believing that he can stop the invasion for good, Casper puts himself through an induced seizure and gain access into the channel, and plays a pivotal role in defeating the first wave of the aliens. However, immediately afterward, Casper loses consciousness. If you are wondering whether he is dead in ‘Invasion,’ we got you covered.

Is Casper Dead or Alive?

Casper is clinically dead, but things are a bit more complicated with Casper than the binary concept of life and death. When the alien invasion begins, he and some of his classmates get trapped in a crater and have no idea what’s happening in the world outside. It’s only after they get out that they learn about the invasion. Casper makes his way back home with his friend Jamila, only to discover that his mother has been killed by the aliens. The subsequent grief and anger fill him with the desire for vengeance.

He goes to the local hospital with Jamila and Ward, whom he just met, and convinces a neurologist to help him have an induced seizure. He subsequently accesses the channel, and when the aliens come for him, he orders them to stop. The aliens do exactly that; not just the ones in front of him, but all the aliens in the world and on the spaceship. Casper’s actions seem to have saved humanity, but he himself loses consciousness because of the ordeal and is later pronounced dead.

Casper’s consciousness seems to be trapped within the channel, and likely needs help to get back to his body. He is not really dead, but after bending the minds of numerous aliens to his will, he has become an inmate of a mental prison of his own making.

Why Does Casper See Ikuro in His Vision?

While Casper is trapped in the channel, he hears his family’s voices before Ikuro appears before him. The aliens function like a hive with a single mind. They had Hinata and had accessed her memories. The Ikuro that Casper sees in front of him is obviously not real, but an alien rendition of who Ikuro is from his daughter’s memories. Ikuro gives Casper the compass that Hinata was given in real life. As Casper approaches the direction it’s showing, he finds himself staring at a bed of glowing extra-terrestrial flowers. The aliens are back, and they have resumed the process of Invasion.

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