Invasion Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Jamila and Friends Are Trapped

Season 2 of Apple TV+’s ‘Invasion‘ follows a group of individuals trying to survive a hostile alien invasion of the planet. In the second season, the scattered characters face their unique tribulations as everyone makes their contributions to fight against the invaders. The fourth episode follows Jamila Huston and her friends on their journey to France to reunite with Caspar Morrow. However, the group gets stuck in a train tunnel overrun with aliens. Thus, the ending will leave viewers wondering about the search party’s fate, and here is a recap of ‘Invasion‘ season 2, episode 4, that answers your queries. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Invasion Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘The Tunnel,’ opens in the aftermath of humanity striking down several alien ships from the sky thanks to the efforts of Mitsuki Yamato. Meanwhile, Montgomery “Monty” Cuttermill drives a search party consisting of Jamila, Alfie, Darwin, and Penny to France. However, the group is forced to stop when they cannot cross a tunnel due to military activity. After inquiry, Jamila learns that the tunnel was closed after the previous train from Paris, France, failed to make it to the UK. It is speculated that the aliens might have attacked the train, creating a holdup. Therefore, the military is planning to close the tunnel permanently.

Jamila finds an alternate entrance to the tunnel where Monty drops off Jamila, Alfie, and Darwin. However, Monty hesitates to join them because he wants to protect Penny. Nonetheless, Monty joins the group after Penny promises to look after herself. As the group explores the tunnel, they encounter soldiers and are forced to hide. Consequently, the group finds themselves deep in the tunnel and loses their way. However, Penny reveals a map of the tunnel she made during her school trip, which the group uses to navigate the tunnel. After hearing sounds from outside, the group doubts their decision to continue their journey.

Jamila encourages her friends to fight against the aliens and continue their search for Caspar. In Paris, Caspar is still in a coma in a hospital that also cares for other special children like him. While the other doctors have given up on Caspar, Esmee hopes Caspar will regain his consciousness. After Penny blabbers about the tunnel system, it sparks an argument with Monty. When the group encounters a group of seemingly dead aliens, Penny gets separated from the group. However, the group finds Penny and journeys deeper into the train tunnel.

After the power in the tunnel goes out, the group uses the water current to ensure they are on course. However, they intercept a transmission from the aliens, forcing the group to move faster. Later, the search party encounters the dead bodies of the tunnel’s security guard. On the other hand, the hospital where Caspar is recovering is attacked by aliens, forcing the staff to evacuate all the patients and vacate the facility. However, given Caspar’s delicate condition, Esmee can’t shift him to a different location.

At the same time, a group of more ferocious and evolved lines with limbs attacks the search party inside the tunnel. Jamila, Monty, Penny, Alfie, and Darwin narrowly escape from the aliens and seek shelter in the crashed train. Consequently, they find themselves at a dead end because of a car wreck inside the train. However, tensions rise between the group when Alfie picks a fight with Monty, especially because of how the latter treated Darwin and Caspar in the past. Later, Alfie and Darwin search the train for equipment and resources while Monty cares for Penny, and Jamila searches for a route out of the tunnel.

Invasion Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Do Jamila and Her Friends Escape the Tunnel?

While trapped inside the train, Alfie and Monty end up in another argument. However, Darwin explains that not everything has to be a fight, and the group must stick together to survive. On the other hand, Jamila experiences a vision in which she is reunited with Caspar. In the episode’s final act, Jamila goes for a walk after she is left frustrated by the group’s hopes of escaping the tunnel. However, Caspar appears to her in what appears to be an astral projection and proves to be the guiding light in the group’s darkest hour. Caspar explains that he is caught in a limbo where a part of his consciousness has traveled to the alien world.

Jamila encourages Caspar to continue fighting and return to his friends. Jamila also reveals that she and others are trying to get to Caspar, seemingly renewing Caspar’s spirits. Ultimately, the encounter with Caspar also provides new hope to Jamila as she teams up with Monty to find a way out of the tunnel. Monty and Jamila use the climbing gear they found on the train to mark a way through the car wreck. As a result, the group succeeds in reaching the tunnel’s other side. However, the exit is locked up with explosives as the tunnel is being shut down.

Moreover, the aliens are swiftly approaching the group, jeopardizing their lives. The military hears the children’s cries for help, and the group is rescued before the aliens can finish them. However, Darwin gets injured in the process and needs medical attention. In the end, the group is safe and must continue their journey to France, but it seems like they will have to leave Darwin behind to recover. The episode ends with aliens breaking into the hospital where Caspar is seemingly alone, implying Jamila and her friends face a race against time to save Caspar, who might be humanity’s last hope of survival.

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