Invasion: What Happened to Ahmed and Hinata? How Did They Die?

Apple TV+’s ‘Invasion‘ is a science fiction series created by Simon Kinberg and David Weil that deals with the nuances of human relationships against the backdrop of a hostile alien invasion. The second season follows the stories of the Malik family, Mitsuki Yamato, and the other human survivors as the alien invasion takes a darker turn and humanity’s chances of survival are slim. Meanwhile, Ahmed Malik and Hinata Murai, who play important roles in the first season’s narrative, are missing entirely, and viewers might be looking for answers about their fates. If you are wondering what happened to Ahmed and Hinata in ‘Invasion,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

How Did Ahmed Die?

Ahmed “Manny” Malik is one of the main characters in the show’s first season. Actor Firas Nassar (‘Fauda‘) plays the role of Ahmed. He is a Syrian immigrant who works in wealth management. Ahmed is married to Aneesha Malik, and they have two children, Luke and Sarah. However, in the first season, Aneesha discovers that Ahmed is cheating on her with his mistress Amanda. Ahmed plans on leaving Aneesha, but the couple is forced to remain together because of the alien invasion. Ahmed and Aneesha leave the city with their children and are forced to seek shelter.

Eventually, the Maliks find shelter with the Mitchells, but hostile aliens attack the house. Ahmed is gravely injured during the fight with the aliens but survives. When the army discovers that the alien claw that Luke is carrying can be used as a weapon to defeat the aliens, the Malik family is escorted to the Pentagon. After the convoy is attacked, the Maliks make a run for their lives but are pursued by the aliens. As a result, Ahmed stays behind to create a distraction so that his family might survive. Ultimately, Ahmed sacrifices himself to protect his family and redeems himself for his past misdeeds with his dying breath.

How Did Hinata Die?

Hinata Murai is introduced in the first season of ‘Invasion,’ with Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi (‘Tokyo Vice‘) essaying the role. Hinata is a famous astronaut in Japan and hailed as a national hero. At the start of season 1, she is in a secret romantic relationship with Mitsuki Yamato, a comms expert who works at the Japanese Space Agency. Hinata is one of three astronauts assigned on a year-long mission to the International Space Station. As a result, Hinata tries to leave Mitsuki without saying goodbye in person. However, Hinata and Mitsuki come face to face when the latter is called in to fix the comms on the spaceship.

Although the spaceship launch goes smoothly, the craft is ruptured in space, presumably caused by the aliens attacking the planet. However, Mitsuki believes that Hinata might be alive and conducts an investigation into the International Space Station shuttle launch. In the process, Mitsuki is able to establish contact with the alien mothership and also hears Hinata’s voice. Eventually, it is revealed that Hinata is not actually on the mothership, and the aliens have synthesized her voice to converse with humanity. In reality, Hinata died shortly after the launch, and the aliens used her dead body to formulate a method to communicate with humans. Nonetheless, Hinata serves humanity one last time as her voice is key to the military tracking the mothership’s coordinates and launching atomic missiles that destroy the mothership.

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