Is A Charlie Brown Christmas on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Directed by Bill Melendez, ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is a 1965 Christmas television special that is inspired by Charles M. Schulz’s famous comic strips ‘Peanuts.’ The animated comedy film follows a young boy named Charlie Brown who is unhappy during the festival season because of the overwhelming materialism and the depressing downfall of the true Christmas spirit. As he decides to direct a play, Charlie slowly begins to comprehend the real meaning behind the celebrations.

Featuring talented voice actors like Peter Robbins, Christopher Shea, Kathy Steinberg, and Tracy Stratford, the heartwarming film is a great watch for the festival season. Curious to learn more about it? We’ve got all the information you have been looking for!

What is A Charlie Brown Christmas About?

With Christmastime just around the corner, Charlie’s family can’t be any happier as they begin the festival traditions surrounded by their loved ones. While everyone is busy in their own world, Charlie himself struggles to come to terms with the growing materialism, which according to him, is antithetical to the Christmas spirit. When Lucy finds him disheartened and sad, she suggests directing a play.

It seems that the play will help Charlie find the true meaning of Christmas, but the preparations soon meet an unexpected hurdle when he is forced to choose between a Christmas tree made of aluminum or the one that is real but sickly. The heartwarming story with a great message is a must-watch. So, here’s all the information you need in case you plan on streaming the movie!

Is A Charlie Brown Christmas on Netflix?

‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is inaccessible on the streaming giant. Therefore, people with a subscription to the platform will have to be satisfied with other films. One such interesting title we can suggest is ‘Angela’s Christmas 2.’

Is A Charlie Brown Christmas on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers will have to look for the animated television special on some other platform as it is not a part of its catalog as of now. Viewers looking for movies in the same vein can stream ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas.

Is A Charlie Brown Christmas on Amazon Prime Video?

The Bill Melendez directorial is no longer available on Amazon Prime Video. Therefore, Prime subscribers who are looking for something similar may like to watch ‘The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas’ or ‘The Snowman.’

Is A Charlie Brown Christmas on HBO Max?

Since ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is not available on HBO Max, we recommend our readers alternatively watch ‘A Dennis the Menace Christmas.’

Is A Charlie Brown Christmas on Disney+?

Unfortunately, the Christmas special is inaccessible on Disney+ as well. So, people who wish to watch festival movies can instead try other films such as ‘Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas.’

Where to Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas Online?

‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is accessible for streaming on AppleTV+. Those who have a subscription to the platform can watch the animated television special here. You can also watch the Bill Melendez directorial on Xfinity.

How to Stream A Charlie Brown Christmas for Free?

AppleTV+ offers a 7-day free trial to first-time subscribers. You can also get a 3-month trial with the purchase of eligible Apple products. So, if you wish to watch the film free of charge, then the aforementioned offers might be of help. However, we encourage our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online and avoid resorting to illegal means.

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