Is A Cowgirl’s Song Based on a True Story?

Directed by Timothy Armstrong, ‘A Cowgirl’s Song’ is a musical film that follows Hailey Mays, an aspiring teenage country singer who wants her father Dean Mays out of prison on bail. She teams up with her grandmother Erin Mays, a retired country music legend, to do a concert to raise funds to bail Dean and fund his defense during the trial. Their attempts take them to a group of people who change their lives forever. Starring Cheryl Ladd as Erin and Savannah Lee May as Hailey, the 2022 film depicts a heart-warming and relatable tale that inspired us to dive into its possible real-life connections. Here are our findings!

Is A Cowgirl’s Song a True Story?

No, ‘A Cowgirl’s Song’ is not based on a true story. The Timothy Armstrong directorial is the fourth film in the ‘Cowgirls ‘N Angels’ film series. Armstrong, who directed all four films of the series, conceived the fictional narrative of the film, which doesn’t follow any characters or storylines of the first three films of the series. Even though the film is fictional, Armstrong’s creation has not distanced itself from reality. There are several relatable instances in the film that have real-life parallels, including protagonist Hailey’s journey as an emerging country singer.

Hailey confronts several of her fears and concerns to start performing in front of an audience. She finds a way to deal with her stage fright so that she can establish herself as a commendable performer. Hailey’s journey from a singer appalled by the stage to a performer that does a lively concert resembles the journeys of numerous famed artists. Like her sister Hailey, Brooke Mays also confronts her fears to participate in barrel racing even though she cannot walk without the support of crutches. Amberley Snyder, a real-life barrel racer, appears in the film as herself to motivate Brooke, which shows how closer Armstrong’s characters are to reality.

Along with Hailey’s, the film also depicts the journey of her grandmother Erin, who comes out of retirement to perform in a concert for her son’s sake. Erin’s storyline shows us how hope remains as a light in life that cannot be extinguished. She sees music as a ray of hope that elevates her from the sadness of her husband’s death. Her decision to date Daniels, despite her feelings for her dead husband, depicts how hope leads her to a bright future. It may not be hard to find people like Erin, who courageously believes in hope and overcomes setbacks, around us.

Through Rufus Gibbs’ storyline, Armstrong explores the destructive repercussions of gambling addiction. Gibbs’ decision to gamble with the money Hailey and Erin raise for Dean shows how much devastating the addiction can be. Gibbs’ addiction has several real-life parallels, just like the Mays family’s decision to help Maddie Evans, whose health condition worsens due to lupus. Erin, Hailey, Brooke, and Gibbs’ decision to stand by Maddie’s side when she suffers health-wise reminds us of affecting real-life stories about the selfless actions of human beings all across the world.

‘A Cowgirl’s Song’ follows the lives of a group of people whose real-life counterparts live among or around us. The film tells a tale that spreads hope and portrays the importance of determination and resilience, which are integral parts of our realities. Although the film is fictional, the lives that appear in the film and the messages they offer are indeed rooted in real life.

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