Is A.P. Bio Based on a True Story?

‘A.P. Bio’ is a sitcom that revolves around Jack Griffin, a former philosophy professor who moves back to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. He works as an advanced placement biology teacher and uses his new position to get revenge on people who he believes have wronged him in life. The whacky high-school comedy created by Mike O’Brien features some outlandish plots that are hysterical and entertaining. However, is any of it inspired by real incidents or true events? We decided to take a look into the matter, and here’s what we learned in that regard!

Is A.P. Bio Based on a True Story?

‘A.P. Bio’ is not based on a true story. The series is based on an original concept from creator Mike O’Brien. After all, the concept of a philosophy professor working as an advanced placement biology teacher is a little far-fetched to be real and belongs strictly in the realm of fiction. The narrative primarily takes place at Whitlock High School, which is a fictional school located in Toledo, Ohio. O’Brien has revealed that he chose the setting because of his personal experiences.

“The character overlaps with me, but not in that way at all. I had a wonderful time [in Toledo] and loved it. I didn’t know it wasn’t the coolest place on Earth. I had a great time at St. John’s and hanging out with everybody,” O’Brien said of the time he spent in the town in an interview with Toledo Blade.

He further added that his appreciation for the town grew in the time he spent away from Toledo. Therefore, he wanted to use the town as the show’s setting. O’Brien’s affection for the town is reflected through the show’s central conflict. It revolves around Jack, who is obsessed with the prestige that comes from living on the East Coast and being a Harvard professor. However, he must learn to appreciate the Midwestern sensibilities of his hometown.

The series also filmed a few scenes on location in Toledo, which gives it a sense of realism. Various elements of the town’s culture and history are also incorporated into the show’s narrative. The concept of the show is also reminiscent of the hit sitcom ‘Community‘ in the sense that just like Jack, that show’s main character also looks down upon those around him but eventually warms up to his surroundings.

Ultimately, ‘A.P. Bio’ is a hardcore sitcom that tells a fictional story. It adheres to the classic sitcom formula while also subverting many tropes of the genre. It is a love letter from the creator to the town he grew up in. The Midwestern sensibilities of the show make it relatable for some viewers while others can immerse themselves in high-school nostalgia.

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