Is Amelia Shepherd Gay or Bisexual in Grey’s Anatomy?

Image Credit: Liliane Lathan/ABC

Amelia Shepherd’s intricate relationships form one of the most engrossing storylines of ABC’s medical series ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ The current head of neurosurgery has shared her life with Owen Hunt and Atticus “Link” Lincoln. With Link, she also welcomes a baby, whom they name Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln. Amelia’s dating choices have never failed to surprise the viewers. She is brave and determined when it comes to relationships, which makes her storyline inspiring and captivating. After putting an end to her relationship with Link, Amelia gets together with Kai Bartley, making the viewers intrigued about her sexuality. Well, here’s what we know about the same!

Is Amelia Shepherd Gay or Bisexual?

Amelia Shepherd is identified as bisexual in ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Before joining Grey Sloan, Amelia used to have several romantic flings with men and then ended up having a committed relationship with Ryan Kerrigan, with whom she welcomes her first child Christopher Shepherd, who dies soon since he is anencephalic. After her relationship with Ryan comes to an end, she bonded with Owen Hunt, and they eventually marry. However, their marriage doesn’t last long since she feels that Owen is pressurizing her to start a family when she is not ready.

The next chapter of Amelia’s life starts with her relationship starts with her bond with Atticus “Link” Lincoln. She gets pregnant with his baby and eventually gives birth to their child Scout. Amelia’s sexuality started to become a prominent discussion point among the viewers of the show when she expresses her desire to have a threesome with Link and Carina DeLuca. Although Amelia nurtures intense sexual feelings for DeLuca, her threesome plan never materializes. After breaking up with Link, Amelia starts dating Kai Bartley. Thus, Amelia’s storyline not only ensures queer representation but also accommodates the first non-binary doctor character of the show through Kai.

Ever since Amelia starts dating Kai, ardent admirers of the show have been predicting that there’s more to come in the show regarding Amelia’s sexuality. Since she is attracted to sharing her life with a non-binary individual, fans have been speculating that Amelia can be pansexual since she isn’t limiting her sexual choice with regard to biological sex or gender. While Amelia is an openly queer character, Caterina Scorsone, who plays the character, has chosen to not publicly discuss her sexual orientation. She was married to former The Rescues member Rob Giles, with whom she has three daughters. The couple separated in 2020.

Amelia is one of the most significant queer characters in the long history of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Her companionship with Kai has succeeded in exploring the nuances of queer relationships.

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