Is Brian Tee’s Dr. Ethan Choi Leaving Chicago Med?

Image Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Fans were alarmed when they found Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) missing from the premiere episode of ‘Chicago Med‘s season 7. They feared the worst, especially since the season 6 finale shows a former patient firing at Choi and severely wounding him. Therefore, speculations about Brian Tee’s departure started doing the rounds. With fans wanting to know more about Ethan Choi’s future on the show, we jumped in to find out and get some answers!

What Happened to Dr. Ethan Choi?

The head of Emergency Medicine at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, Dr. Ethan Choi, is a Navy veteran who initially joins the hospital as a chief resident. He soon proves his mettle and rises through the ranks to become a reliable and dependable doctor. A critical part of the medical team, Choi has expertise in dealing with infectious diseases, which often comes in handy. Although his experience in the Navy has made him an upright person with high regard for discipline, he lives with PTSD. But he does not let that affect his work.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

However, in the season 6 finale, Ethan Choi goes through a harrowing experience that sent shock waves through the ‘Chicago Med’ fandom. His life is put at risk as he tries to de-escalate a situation involving Dr. Dean Archer and a former patient. The person confronts Archer with a gun, but when Choi tries to reach for the weapon, he gets shot in the chest. Fortunately, he survives after Archer performs a high-risk procedure on him. Naturally, Choi has to go through a long recovery process, so Archer takes over the responsibility of the Emergency Department. Does that mean Brian Tee is leaving the medical drama?

Is Brian Tee Leaving Chicago Med?

Despite the speculations, it has been confirmed that Brian Tee will continue to appear as Dr. Ethan Choi in the series. In September 2021, showrunner Diane Frolov addressed Choi’s absence and explained that the character will take a while to recover and hence won’t appear for quite a few episodes in season 7. Moreover, sources reported that Tee signed a new contract with the show, which all but confirms his return as the brilliant doctor.

Image Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Brian Tee being added to the main cast of ‘Expats’ and having to divide his time between that and ‘Chicago Med’ seems to be the real reason behind his prolonged absence. Sources claimed that Tee’s absence from the medical drama has helped the actor balance his professional commitments. With Tee confirmed to return to ‘Chicago Med’ after a few episodes, viewers can rest easy as Dr. Ethan Choi won’t be missing from their TV screens for long.

Choi’s romance with April Sexton has been one of the focal points of the recent storylines of the show. Despite breaking up, April admits that she still loves Choi after he survives the bullet injury. However, we know that they may not have a future together as she leaves Gaffney in pursuit of her dreams. Moreover, Yaya DaCosta, who portrays April, has exited the show, sealing the fate of April and Choi’s relationship. So, all in all, while the former Navy medic recovers off-screen, there are several exciting things the character will have to deal with once he is back at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

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