Is Cheaper by the Dozen (2022) on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Cheaper by the Dozen 2022

Directed by Gail Lerner, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ is a family comedy film based on the 1948 novel of the same name. Written by Frank Bunker Gilbreth Junior and his sister Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, the book is a semi-autobiographical account of the Gilbreth family that has already inspired four screen adaptations before this film. The latest iteration centers around the married couple Zoey and Paul Baker and their ten children. The focus of the film is how the large blended family lives together.

The movie garnered praise for its modern setting and the portrayal of a multi-ethnic family. The cast that brings this new dozen of characters to life includes Gabrielle Union, Zach Braff, Erika Christensen, Journee Brown, and Kylie Rogers, to name a few. The brand new adaptation of this popular and beloved premise must have surely made its way on your watchlist. So, here is all you need to know before you watch it!

What is Cheaper by the Dozen About?

‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ follows the Baker family. Unlike previous iterations that feature 12 kids, the Baker family in this movie comprises Zoey, Paul (Zach Braff), and their ten children. The family includes children from the couple’s previous marriages as well. With so many people in a single house along with their pets and friends, the Bakers are in for a chaotic journey while trying to save their family business. This unconventional and charming family is sure to worm its way into your heart with its antics and strengths that you can’t help but admire. We know you cannot wait to watch this well-tried formula with a modern twist, and here is everything you need to know for the same!

Is Cheaper by the Dozen on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix does not offer ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ on its platform. However, if you are looking forward to watching an unusual family going about their lives in an unprecedented way, we highly suggest you check out ‘The Addams Family.’ The 1991 movie is a dark comedy centered around the bizarre titular family. Netflix also offers another hilarious family comedy titled ‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines.’ Set-up in a seemingly apocalyptic world, the animated film captures the essence of a family dynamic to the tee.

Is Cheaper by the Dozen on Hulu?

‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ is not available on Hulu, but don’t let that deter you from watching some amazing comedy movies available on the platform. You can try watching the Oscar-winning South Korean dark comedy ‘Parasite‘ or the well-loved film titled ‘The Royal Tenenbaums.’

Is Cheaper by the Dozen on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime does not feature ‘Cheaper by the Dozen.’ However, if you want to watch some excellent comedic films using your Prime membership, we highly recommend ‘Tortilla Soup‘ and ‘The Big Sick.’

Is Cheaper by the Dozen on HBO Max?

While HBO Max does not have ‘Cheaper by the Dozen,’ it does have a number of comedy movies that are guaranteed to have you rolling with laughter like ‘The Brady Bunch Movie‘ and ‘Best in Show.’

Is Cheaper by the Dozen on Disney+?

Yes, Disney+ is the right place for you if you want to watch ‘Cheaper by the Dozen.’ The movie produced by Walt Disney Pictures is available right here!

Where to Watch Cheaper by the Dozen Online?

Disney+ is currently the only platform where you can watch ‘Cheaper by the Dozen.’ So, viewers will require a subscription to the platform to watch this family comedy.

How to Stream Cheaper by the Dozen for Free?

As of now, Disney+ does not offer any free trials. But we urge our readers not to utilize any illegal methods to stream movies they like. The legal channels allow you to support the team behind the production of your favorite films and appreciate their dedication and hard work!

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