Is Constable Berwick Dead? Did Waj Ali Leave Carnival Row?

Portrayed by Waj Ali, Berwick is a supporting character in the Amazon Prime Video series ‘Carnival Row.’ A constable of the Constabulary No. 6 precinct in the city of The Burgue, Berwick works closely with Inspector Rycroft “Philo” Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) and is one of the few officers in the force who take their oaths seriously. In season 1, he helps Philo investigate a series of murders later revealed to be connected to the inspector. When it is revealed that Philo is a half-faerie, Berwick is the only one in the squad that still treats Philo as a friend and colleague. In season 2, Berwick asks for Philo’s help in investigating the murder of a soldier. If the events at the end of season 2 episode 7 have made you wonder whether Berwick is dead and Ali has left the show, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Constable Berwick’s Fate in Carnival Row

Yes, Berwick is dead in ‘Carnival Row.’ Although Philo is no longer a police officer in the second season, Berwick knows he is an exceptional detective, so he reaches out to him after the soldier’s body is found. This garners some animosity from his colleagues as they now hate Philo. Although Philo initially seems reluctant, he does begin the investigation. After two Black Raven members die, Berwick watches Tourmaline use her Haruspex abilities to figure out who killed them. Philo connects the murdered Black Ravens to the dead soldier and realizes that the same fae did it. Later, while trying to rescue Vignette (Cara Delevingne) from the Bleakness Keep, Philo finds out that the killer is a Sparas, a shapeshifting fae with bat-like wings and a fearsome reputation.

Berwick comes to Bleakness Keep with Sergeant Dombey to get Philo out. What he doesn’t know is that because of the torture he suffered at the hands of the prison guards, Philo has concluded that the humans and the police will never accept him. So, he uses Berwick and Dombey’s concerns about the Sparas to gain access to Runyan Millworthy and convinces him to organize two ships to take the willing fae folk to the continent of Tirnanoc. Once the home of the faeries, Tirnanoc fell to the human empire of the Pact. However, because of the rise of the revolutionary outfit known as New Dawn, the Pact has been forced to call their soldiers back.

When Berwick realizes what Philo has done, a part of him feels betrayed. That feeling only increases when he figures out that Philo is leaving along with his kind. On the day of the departure, Berwick is there, along with other officers, as the faes make their way to the ship. Suddenly members of Black Raven appear in the sky with Molotov cocktails in their hands. They throw those things at the ships, setting them on fire. As chaos breaks out on the dock, some innocent faes try to escape by flying away, but they are shot down.

At this point, the Sparas appears and starts killing police officers. Berwick tries to arrest a Black Raven member, but the Sparas gets close to him and kills him by pulling his entrails out. We later see Philo grieving for his friend.

Waj Ali Has Likely Left Carnival Row

As his character is dead, it is probably safe to assume that Ali left ‘Carnival Row.’ Only two more episodes left to go in the show, and the writers probably needed to trim down the narrative for the finale. A proper police officer right until the end, Berwick’s death will likely remind Philo of his oaths, which will inevitably pit him against Vignette in the season finale.

After ‘Carnival Project,’ Ali is set to star in director Bill Guttentag’s ‘Afghan Dreamers,’ a film reportedly based on the true story of Afghan entrepreneur Roya Mahboob, who set up a program to help young women to accumulate skills in science and technology.

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