Is Dominic Russo Dead? Did Wass Stevens Leave Organized Crime?

Portrayed by Wass Stevens, Dominic Russo is one of the recurring characters in the third season of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime.’ Russo works for the mob as an enforcer and is closely associated with the Silas family and their new construction project: a casino in New York. When Henry Cole, a resident of the neighborhood where the casino is built, refuses to sell his home, Russo hires Kenny Kyle to assassinate him. In season 3 episode 4, he employs others to go after Kenny after the latter is arrested. If the events of the episode have made you wonder whether Russo is dead and Stevens left ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Dominic Russo Dead?

Yes, Dominic Russo is dead. In season 3 episode 4 of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime,’ Russo attends Dede’s funeral with Vincent. Kenny killed Dede in the previous episode, and Russo was shot during the incident as well. Russo knows Kenny is being transferred to the prison facility at Rikers Island and assures Vincent that he has people to take care of their problem. “By cocktails, he won’t be an issue,” Russo declares. Vincent asks whether the other man is sure about this, knowing that if Kenny starts talking, their own lives will be in jeopardy because the last thing the higher-ups in their organization want is to be connected to this entire mess. In response, Vincent tells him to worry about brick and mortar and leave the blood and bone to him.

Unfortunately for Russo and Vincent, Stabler and his team get to Kenny before their hitman. Detective Bobby Reyes, one of the new additions to the Organized Crime Unit in season 3, goes undercover in prison and stops the attack from happening. Although he gets injured in the process, he earns Kenny’s trust and convinces him to take the deal that Stabler’s offering.

Kenny subsequently tells Stabler that Russo hired him to kill Cole. But as Bell points out, information from a killer and mob aspirant isn’t enough; the police need concrete proof connecting Russo to Kenny, which they find after going through the footage from the night club from the previous episode. Russo is a made guy with the mob, and the FBI has been investigating him for a while. Realizing this, Stabler reaches out to federal agents, who agree to cooperate with him.

However, when Stabler goes to arrest Russo, he discovers that the other man intends to leave the country. A chase through the streets of New York ensures, which ends with Russo pulling a gun at Stabler and the detective killing the mobster. Afterward, the team finds a photo linking Vincent to Russo, Kenny, and Dede. But before the authorities can come after the Silas family, Vincent takes his own life.

Did Wass Stevens Leave Law & Order: Organized Crime?

Although neither Stevens nor the series creators have said anything explicitly on the matter, given the fate of his character, it’s safe to assume that Stevens is out of the show for good. Dominic Russo appears in three episodes of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ — episodes two to four. Although his stay is brief, Russo leaves an undeniable mark on the overall narrative.

At present, Stevens is associated with the upcoming ‘Swerve: The story of a downtown delivery.’ He is also promoting his newly released film ‘Signs of Love.’ Stevens is a member of the hard rock and roll band Dirty Old Gangsters. It was announced in July 2022 that he is a new partner of the Coming Soon Food Group.

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