Is Farmhouse Fixer’s Kristina Crestin Married? Does She Have Kids?

Image Credit: Kristina Crestin/Instagram

Kristina Crestin is an established and innovative interior designer who mainly specializes in projects related to modern coastal houses and farmhouses with their traditional styles intact. The winner of HGTV’s Designer of the Year in 2019 and many other awards, this outgoing designer worked hard for several years before landing opportunities in the reality TV industry. Right after her graduation, Kristina landed her first designing job at the firm Siemasko + Verbridge (now SV Design). After excelling at the job for over 8 years, she founded her residential interior design firm, Kristina Crestin Design, in 2009.

Gradually establishing her name in the field, Kristina made her TV debut in 2016 on season 37 of ‘This Old House,’ where she designed a farmhouse in Essex. Her impressive portfolio got her to be the lead interior designer of HGTV’s ‘Farmhouse Fixer’ alongside host Jonathan Knight, home renovation expert and singer of the band New Kids on the Block. Together, the duo carries out old farmhouse restorations around the North Shore of Boston. Naturally, Kristina’s fans must be curious to know more about her personal life. If you’re such a fan, too, here’s everything we found out about Kristina Crestin!

Kristina Crestin’s Family and Background

Kristina Crestin grew up in a loving and supportive home in Bellingham, Massachusetts. Although she is a private person when it comes to giving out details about her family, we infer that she has a close relationship with them all. In an interview with NorthShore Magazine, she shared that her grandfather was in the construction management industry, too, and that her creative side comes from her parents. Kristina’s mother, Deborah Bennet, is a crucial member and office manager of her firm. The two have been working together for over six years, and Kristina greatly appreciates her presence.

In an interview with Scout and Nimble, Kristina gave an insight into her work relationship with her mother and said, “I have to chuckle – my Mom would say first thing, ‘When we’re at work, it’s work.’… If I didn’t work with Mom I might not see her for weeks with my schedule. Even before COVID and TV, I was working most weekends. So thank goodness we can see each other at work!”

In the same interview, Kristina also talked about getting the best advice from her father, who is over 95-years-old. “The day I gave my resignation I called my Papa to tell him and he said, ‘Remember kid, us Shropshire’s don’t get sh*t, we give sh*t.’ They are words to live by if you’re going to be in the building world! Perhaps not in a nasty way, but taking it from a point of view that you can be strong, stand your ground, and be gracious too,” she added.

As a kid, Kristina was really into Lego building and loved to build white houses. In her own words, she would never mix the colors and eventually got into imagining and drawing house plans. Thus, she graduated in 2002 from Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She did several internships during her graduation, including the one where she later ended up working.

Kristina Crestin’s Husband

Kristina has been married to Kirby Crestin for more than a decade. He is also in the construction industry and is a native of the coastal town of Ipswich, Massachusetts. The couple first met at a job site sometime in 2004 when she was working in the architecture firm Siemasko + Verbridge, and Kirby needed some work done at his place. The two stayed in touch even after she left the firm; the rest, as they say, is history! Initially, Kristina was unsure if she wanted to live in the coastal region of North Shore, away from her home. However, after meeting Kirby and falling for the beauty of the coast, the place gradually became their home.

They reside in a beautiful property in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, which features a backyard with a stunning view of one of the finest lakes in the area. Kristina is very open about her tight work schedule and how her husband has been a great support throughout their marriage. In an Instagram post, Kristina talked about how patient Kirby was while they handled ‘Farmhouse Fixer’ projects.

Kristina mentioned how her husband extended a hand while “hauling furniture, driving everywhere to get things, hanging all the art, bringing our houseplants back and forth to every single home.” Kirby helps her with a lot of work that involves getting the equipment and materials, working on art pieces during project work, and even fixing things at the last minute.

Does Kristina Crestin Have Kids?

From what we can tell, Kristina and Kirby do not have kids as of writing. However, she is a mom to a gorgeous dog whom they have named Cooper. The whole family adores the rescue dog immensely. They celebrate her birthday, take her along to work and even enjoy wrapping her up in cute festive sweaters. Kristina often shares pictures of Cooper engrossed in her day-to-day antics, sometimes featuring Kirby giving her tight loving hugs. Thus, Kristina is happily married and is having a gala time at her amazing work and being a dog mom to Cooper.

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