Fito Páez: Argentine Singer is Currently Dating Actress Eugenia Kolodziej

Image Credit: Fito Paez/Instagram

Rodolfo Páez Ávalos, AKA Fito Páez, is one name that every music lover in Argentina speaks of with admiration. With about four decades of experience as a musician, the artist is known for his music that never fails to touch one’s body and soul. The depiction of his younger years in Netflix’s ‘El Amor Después Del Amor,’ AKA ‘Love After Music,’ has only served to elevate the interest that people have in the rock music icon’s life, especially when it comes to his former and current romantic partners. If you are curious about the same, we are glad to provide you with the answers you seek.

Fito Páez’s Former Relationships

As fans of the Netflix show might be aware, Fito was in a relationship with Fabiana Cantilo. The two first met each other in 1983 as they joined Charly García’s band in different capacities, Fito as a keyboard player and Fabiana as a backup singer. The bond between the two was quite strong, with the former stating that he thought of the latter as the most beautiful woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both of them were enchanted by the skills of the other, which helped them get together.

However, the years of Fito and Fabiana’s togetherness were far from simple. The keyboard player suffered from multiple tragic losses in his life during this time and was surrounded by speculations when it came to the deaths of his grandmother and grand-aunt. Fabiana herself struggled with several issues when it came to her mental health. While they held affection for each other, Fabiana stated years later that they were a “disaster” together.

Ultimately, Fito and Fabiana broke up in 1990 and shared the news with the fans through the song “Ey!” It was followed by the release of “Dale Alegría A Mi Corazón” and “Fue Amor,” confirming that the two were indeed not with each other anymore. Despite their romantic separation, the two continue to maintain a strong bond and have even collaborated on multiple creative projects over the years.

Starting in 2002, Fito began dating Romina Ricci, a well-known actress who is 15 years younger than him. The two had a daughter named Margarita Páez in 2004, who was named after Fito’s mother, who had passed away when he was only eight months old. However, the couple separated in 2005, though they do seem to be on amicable terms. Interestingly, Fito’s 2006 song “Rollinga o Miranda Girl” is dedicated to Romina. In 2012, Fito began a relationship with Julia Mengolinim, an accomplished journalist though the two broke up in 2012.

Fito Páez’s Ex-Wife and Kid

The only woman to have wed Fito is none other than the enchanting actress Cecilia Edith Rotenberg Gutkin, who is more commonly known as Cecilia Roth. The two met in 1991 in the country of Uruguay. At the time, she was still married to her first husband, Gonzalo Gil. However, between this meeting and her getting into a relationship with the rock artist some eight months later (in 1992), her divorce was finalized.

Fito and Cecilia stayed together for many years and adopted a son together named Martin Páez in 1991. following their new parenthood, the two decided to tie the knot on December 23, 1999, at a Civil Registry after informing some of their closest friends. The celebration honoring the marriage was small and held in their shared apartment. However, as indicated by Fito’s album “Rey Sol” and movie ‘Vidas Privadas,’ the couple started to drift apart and were separated in 1991. However, both of them still hold fond memories of their time together and continue to be integral in each other’s lives

Fito Páez’s Life With Girlfriend Eugenia

As of writing, Fito is dating Eugenia Kolodziej. The two got together in 2014 and are going strong. Their love for each other is evident for all to see as they often make public gestures in order to support and honor their partners. The happiness of their relationship certainly makes their fans root for them even more, as does their heartfelt love confessions for each other. We wish the two the very best in their lives and hope that they have a wonderful future ahead.

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