Is Gladys Dead or Alive? Do Gladys and Tirso Get Together in Wrong Side of the Tracks?

In Netflix’s crime series ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks,’ Tirso Abantos and Gladys meet for the first time when the latter gets furious about Irene’s relationship with Nelson. Since Gladys is Nelson’s mother, Tirso doesn’t get along with her well. Their relationship further worsens when Gladys and Nelson do move to Alicia’s apartment, next to Tirso’s apartment. In addition, the ex-army captain behaves rudely towards her and her son, only for Gladys to consider him a racist.

However, Gladys’ feelings change when Alicia indirectly asks her to go out with Tirso. When Yeyo attempts to attack Tirso, Gladys saves him risking her own life. Since the first season ends with Gladys severely injured, one must be wondering whether she survives the same. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Gladys Dead or Alive?

Gladys is alive. Although Tirso initially tries his best to kick Gladys and Nelson out of Alicia’s apartment, he finally paves the way for her stay at the place by talking to his long-time neighbor. Such a gesture affects Gladys to risk her own life when Yeyo attempts to stab Tirso with a knife. She comes in Sandro’s henchman’s way and gets stabbed by him, saving Tirso. Even though her condition is not entirely satisfactory, especially considering Tirso’s worry about any potential complications that can result in her death, an ambulance arrives soon enough to save her.

Gladys’ selflessness makes Tirso realize how wrong he was about her and Nelson. He changes his behavior towards her upon perceiving that she hasn’t thought twice about protecting him in the face of danger. He cares for her until the ambulance comes and reassures her that she will survive the stab. Tirso’s presence comforts her when she battles to stay alive and they share a warm moment before she is taken to the hospital.

Do Gladys and Tirso Get Together?

Gladys considers Tirso as a potential partner when Alicia subtly asks her to go out with him. Alicia even succeeds in disrupting a date Gladys has planned with Ezequiel for her to connect with Tirso. The very idea slowly grows in Gladys as she starts to have feelings for Tirso. When Ezequiel proposes to elope from Entrevías to a country of her choosing, Gladys hesitates to accompany him, only for Ezequiel to find out that she loves someone else. Although Tirso hasn’t always treated her acceptably, Gladys realizes that there is an admirable person inside him, concealed by the toughness he displays.

Tirso, on the other hand, initially keeps a distance from Gladys. However, his behavior towards her changes gradually as he starts to become less prejudicial. He starts to see Gladys in a new light and realizes how caring she is. Even though the veteran is not someone who expresses his emotions freely, he displays indications of feelings for her at times. The same feelings get elevated when Gladys saves him from Yeyo. He stays with her until the ambulance comes and reassures her that he won’t leave her alone even when she receives medical care.

Even though Gladys and Tirso haven’t gotten together yet, their feelings are gravitating toward each other. Gladys succeeds in bringing out Tirso’s warm self and it is an indication of the latter’s willingness to open his life to her. Tirso has suffered a lot due to his wife’s absence after she had abandoned him. The loneliness he is accustomed to isn’t something Gladys can easily breach. Still, she may end up successful with her earnestness.

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