Wrong Side of the Tracks Ending, Explained: Who Killed Sandro?

Created by David Bermejo, Netflix’s crime series ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ centers around ex-army captain Tirso Abantos, who gets involved with local drug lord Sandro when his granddaughter Irene gets hurt by Sandro’s men. Originally titled ‘Entrevías,’ the Spanish series progresses through Tirso’s efforts to protect Irene and her boyfriend Nelson from Sandro’s gang.

Starring Jose Coronado as Tirso and Nona Sobo as Irene, the show offers an enthralling experience, with an incredible ending. Since the developments that conclude the show’s first season are intriguing, we have taken a detailed look at the same. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Recap

Wrong Side of the Tracks’ begins with Tirso Abantos’ birthday. His son, daughter, and their family get together, only for the gathering to end in a fight over the inheritance of Tirso’s assets. Later, Tirso’s daughter Jimena’s adoptive daughter Irene calls him to save her from “the block,” a notorious part of Tirso’s neighborhood named Entrevías. The ex-army captain finds a pack of heroin in Irene’s bag and disposes of the same in anger. His granddaughter lets him know that she and her boyfriend Nelson are being chased by local drug lord Sandro. The drug lord asks Ezequiel, a cop who works for him, to kill Nelson if the boy cannot return the pack.

To settle the dispute, Irene goes to meet Sandro but gets raped by his men. Ezequiel, who loves Nelson’s mother Gladys, threatens Nelson to elope from the neighborhood if he wants to live. When Sandro realizes that Nelson isn’t dead, he demands money from Ezequiel to settle the matter. For the sake of Gladys, the cop pays Sandro to stop him from harming Nelson. However, the latter finds out that his girlfriend was raped by Sandro’s men. He teams up with Tirso and his two friends, Pepe and Sanchís, to burn down Sandro’s drug distribution center.

Enraged, Sandro strips Ezequiel and makes him walk through the neighborhood to make a statement. Ezequiel convinces Tirso to join hands with him to bring down Sandro. Ezequiel’s superior Amanda succeeds in arresting Sandro, at least temporarily, to make him realize that he isn’t untouchable. To exact revenge on Sandro for harming Irene, Tirso and his two friends try to locate his drugs to destroy the same. During their search, they come across an enormous stack of money, which they throw away in front of a food bank without revealing their identities. Irene, to cope with her traumas, starts to use oxycodone.

Nata and her boyfriend Loko team up with Ezequiel to burn down Sandro’s drug supply. Even though Loko hesitates at first, he realizes that he should stand against Sandro to become the next drug lord. They discover the supposed location of the supply and Loko goes to the place but gets killed by Sandro’s men. Nelson, thinking that he is the reason behind all the misfortunes Irene suffered, breaks up with her. He reveals to Irene that he told Tirso about her drug addiction and lets her know that she needs to stay away from him and the dangers he has created for her to get better.

Ezequiel tries to elope from Entrevías when Yeyo finds out the real identities of the Robin Hood gang and that Ezequiel is with them. He eventually decides against eloping and goes to Amanda to turn himself in for helping Sandro. Amanda assures him immunity from arrest if he rejoins Sandro’s gang as her spy to track down “the Phantom,” an unidentifiable drug lord who is more powerful than Sandro.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Ending: Is Sandro Dead? Who Killed Him?

Yes, Sandro is dead. When Sandro’s men kill Loko, Nata decides to exact vengeance on the drug lord. She seeks Nelson’s help but he lets her know that he cannot get involved in trouble again. He knows that he needs to stay with Irene as she goes through a tough time. However, Nelson and Irene’s breakup changes Nelson’s mind. When his girlfriend leaves with her mother, away from Sandro’s reach, he teams up with Nata. She goes to La Rosa in disguise to kill the drug lord but abandons her plan when the latter’s bodyguard recognizes her. She leaves her gun in a bag at the club and runs away.

Nelson, meanwhile, enters the club in a hoodie. He kills Sandro when the latter gets engaged with Ezequiel. As far as Nelson is concerned, Sandro has been nothing but a life destroyer. He is the one behind the sexual assault Irene suffers, which paves the way for her drug addiction and eventually Nelson’s breakup with her. Loko’s death further increases Nelson’s fury against the drug lord. When he realizes that Irene is far away from him and Sandro, protected by her mother, he joins Nata to put an end to the drug lord’s life.

Before Sandro orders Loko’s death, Nata succeeds in amending her relationship with the latter. Loko even lets her know that he is ready to dream big and become the next drug lord of Entrevías. By killing Loko, Sandro destroys her relationship and ambitions at the same time. Killing Sandro isn’t just the result of her decision to take revenge on her boyfriend’s killer. She wants Sandro’s throne to rule the drug scene of the neighborhood as she dreamt with her boyfriend. With the help of Nelson, Nata ensures that Sandro’s throne is not unattainable.

Is Gladys Dead or Alive? Do Gladys and Tirso Get Together?

Gladys is alive. Tirso hands over the key to his hardware store to Santi without taking a look at Yeyo. Santi opens the store and goes to the basement, only to see Yeyo tied to a chair. He frees Yeyo without realizing who he really is. A freed Yeyo ties Tirso’s son on the chair and runs to find Sandro to reveal the identities of the Robin Hood members. He sees Tirso at Pepe’s bar and attempts to kill him with a knife. Gladys, who sees him, tries to save Tirso but gets stabbed by Yeyo. Since an ambulance reaches the scene in no time, Gladys gets saved.

Meanwhile, Tirso behaves softly towards Gladys, who loves him. When Ezequiel lets her know that they can elope from the neighborhood with a lot of money to a country of her choosing, she hesitates. Ezequiel realizes that she loves someone else, despite her insistence that she is not. Tirso, on the other hand, starts to treat her with more respect and care. He stops calling her the profane term “Panchito” and shares a heartwarming moment with her before the ambulance arrives. Even though they do not get together, changes are happening in Tirso’s mind for him to consider Gladys as a partner.

Do Tirso and Irene Reconnect?

Yes, Tirso and Irene do reconnect. When Tirso comes to know that his granddaughter is consuming drugs, he loses all faith in himself. He thinks that he cannot take care of her anymore. Thinking that all her misfortunes, from the sexual assault to the drug addiction, happened when she lived under his watch, he calls Jimena to take Irene away from him. Irene, who will be forced to leave for a boarding school in Switzerland, tries to resist Tirso’s decision but fails. She leaves with her mother, cutting her ties with Tirso out of anger.

However, the news of someone trying to kill Tirso shakes Irene. She runs to her grandfather to make sure that he is fine. Irene knows that her grandfather has always been there for her. The lengths he has gone against Sandro for hurting her, by burning down the latter’s drug distribution center and stealing his money, calms down her indignation towards Tirso. Yeyo’s attempt to kill Tirso further melts the anger in Irene and makes her rush toward her grandfather to reconnect.

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