Is Hessdalen in Blasted a Real Place for UFO Sightings? Where is it Located?

Image Credit: Julianne Leikanger/Netflix

Netflix’s science-fiction film ‘Blasted’ revolves around Sebastian, Audun, Pelle, Mikkel, and Kasper, who arrive at the valley of Hessdalen to celebrate Sebastian’s bachelor party. Since the region is known for astounding UFO sightings, Audun also plans a visit to the observatory to know more about the sightings and theories behind the same. As they spend their time in the valley and nearby town, they come across several rumors of alien sightings as well. Since Sebastian and others end up encountering aliens during their stay in the valley, one must be intrigued to know whether Hessdalen and the UFO sightings are real. Well, let us share everything you need to know about the same!

Is Hessdalen a Real Place for UFO Sightings?

Yes, Hessdalen is a real place for UFO sightings. The Norwegian valley is renowned for the UFO sightings that were reported chiefly from 1981. The residents of the valley started to report strange and inexplicable lights and objects that appeared throughout the region. During 1981 and 1984, the residents used to report around 20 sightings a week. Even though lights are still observed in Hessdalen, the frequency of the sightings has decreased to around 20 reports a year. To study and report the lights and objects that appear in the valley, an automatic measurement station was opened in 1998.

Image Credit: Etv Haskovo/YouTube

There are mainly three types of lights that appear in Hessdalen. The white or blue-white flashing light appears high up in the sky for a short duration. The yellow light, possibly along with a red flashing light, is the second type. The most common light that is reported in Hessdalen is the yellow or white light that may appear for more than an hour. Reports state that this type of light moves around the valley as well. In addition, a black object with light is often reported in the region. As per Project Hessdalen, the latest sighting was reported on March 7, 2022.

There are several inconclusive explanations associated with these strange UFO sightings. There are theories that state the lights are nothing but misperceptions of astronomical bodies or aircraft or they are a product of piezoelectricity generated due to the crystal rocks present in Hessdalen valley. Other hypotheses include the theory that the lights are produced due to the combustion of hydrogen, oxygen, and sodium present in the valley due to large deposits of scandium. Even today, scientists and science-enthusiasts visit and study Hessdalen to make sense of the lights and objects.

Where is Hessdalen Located?

Hessdalen is a small village located in the namesake valley that spans around 15 kilometers in Norway. The valley is located in the municipality of Holtålen in Trøndelag county. The nearest airport is Røros, which is around 47 kilometers away from the village. The site is around 423 kilometers away from the Norwegian capital city Oslo. The rail route to reach Hessdalen is Rørosbanen and the nearest railway stations are Ålen, Reitan, and Haltdalen. Along with the UFO camp and the “UFO-hunting” program, known as Hessdalsphenomena, the pleasing Lake Øyungen is one of the major attractions near the region.

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