Is HGTV’s Kim Wolfe Married? Does She Have Kids?

Image Credit: Kim Wolfe/Instagram

People were surprised when they saw Kim Wolfe, the ‘Survivor: One World’ winner, host her own show ‘Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?’ on HGTV. Through the home improvement series, the San Antonio-based designer and renovator meets with homeowners who regret buying their properties. However, the ultimate intention is to remodel said properties to make the owners fall in love all over again. While the show has been received positively, viewers are intrigued to learn more about the host’s life. Well, let’s jump in and find out if Kim Wolfe is married, shall we?

Kim Wolfe’s Husband

We are happy to report that Kim Wolfe is blissfully married to her longtime husband, Bryan Wolfe, who co-hosts the HGTV show ‘Why the Heck Did I Buy This House?’ with her. Shortly after winning ‘Survivor: One World’ in 2012, she was playing sand volleyball at a local bar in San Antonio, Texas, when she met him for the first time. Once the two spotted each other, it did not take long for them to get comfortable, and Bryan soon asked Kim out. Incidentally, their relationship grew through leaps and bounds, and pretty soon, the former went down on one knee to pop the all-important question.

Kim was only too happy to consent, and the pair married in a beautiful ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in March 2013. Although she owned a bridal shop before her stint on ‘Survivor: One World,’ she always had a soft spot for interior design and often changed the layout and tiles in her home. Once Bryan realized his wife’s true passion, he talked to her and encouraged her to chase her dreams. Hence, with the support of her husband, Kim started making a name for herself in interior design and is currently a much sought-after designer and renovator with years of experience in the industry.

Besides, readers will also be interested to know that Bryan supported Kim’s reality TV career, and he encouraged her to compete in ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ in 2019. While he currently works as a USAA product manager for fire insurance, the couple is based in San Antonio, Texas, where they have built a happy life surrounded by friends and family. Moreover, the reality TV couple often shares the incredible memories they make on social media.

Kim Wolfe’s Children

Kim Wolfe and her husband, Bryan Wolfe, live a remarkable life and are proud parents to three wonderful children. The couple welcomed their first son, Michael Thomas, in February 2014, and their daughter, August Jane, came into this world in May 2015. Subsequently, Kim and Bryan had their youngest son, Walt, in June 2016. During an interview shortly before her scheduled appearance in ‘Survivor: Winners at War,’ Kim mentioned that it was pleasantly surprising how she became a mother of three within such a short period.

Furthermore, the reality star insisted that she decided to appear on ‘Survivor’ for a second time because she wanted to go through the experience with her kids all over again. Yet, Bryan made it all possible as he supported her and stayed behind with the kids, as Kim gave her best in the survival reality show. While she often shares pictures of her children on social media, her love for them knows no bounds.

In fact, Kim posted a photo of the three in November 2021, along with a heartwarming caption that said, “The Wolfe pack. They aren’t exactly how I imagined them when I was younger, they are more challenging. They don’t really wear what I want them to wear or eat what I want them to eat. They won’t look people in the eye and shake their hand and say yes ma’am and yes sir the way I want them to, the way my dad made me do. They surprise me a lot by being funnier, deeper, or more compassionate than I expect.” It truly is heartwarming to witness Kim embrace her motherly duties, and we wish her the best for the coming years.

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